Forgotten Opera Singers

Forgotten Opera Singers

Jun 28, 2014

Franz Gruber (Tenor) (München 1882 – München 1932)

He received his  education as an actor in his birthplace Munich and made his debut in 1900 at the Munich People's Theatre. In 1901-1902 season he was engaged by the Thalia Theatre in Saarbrucken. At that time he also studied singing and in 1902 made his debut at the Municipal Theatre in Regensburg and was engaged already in 1903 by the Staatstheater am Gärtnerplatz in Munich, where he distinguished himself above all as a successful operetta tenor. After additional training in 1915 he appeared at the Bayerische Hofoper  in Munich, where he sang the role of Manrico in ‘’Trovatore’’ as a beginning role. Here on 28. 3. 1916 he sang in the premiere of the opera ‘’Violanta’’ of E. W.  Korngold in the part of Alfonso. He sang there also Hoffmann in ‘’Hoffmanns Erzählungen’’, José in ‘’Carmen’’ and Pedro in ‘’Tiefland’’ of E. d'Albert as well as in 1918 in the premiere of Paul Graener’s opera ‘’Theophanu’’. In 1921 he joined to the Landestheater in Dessau, where he also appeared in R. Wagner’s operas. In the 1924-1926 seasons he was engaged by the Landestheater in Hannover. At the Municipal Theatre in Nuremberg he sang from 1926 up to his retirement in 1932. Between 1927 and 1929 he appeared several times as a guest at the Vienna State Opera. In 1932 he had undertaken a tour through Holland. 

Chronology of some appearances

1902 Regensburg Municipal  Theatre

1903 Munich Staatstheater am Gärtnerplatz 

1915 Bayerische Hofoper

1921 Dessau Landestheater 

1924 Hannover Landestheater 


Favorite, München 1907-05?
Lustige Witwe (Lehár): Lippen schweigen, 's flüstern Geigen  1-15520 2719-o
Lustige Witwe (Lehár): O Vaterland... Da geh' ich zu Maxim  1-15521 2720-o

Favorite, München 1908-03-09
Lohengrin (Wagner): O Elsa 1-15608 4526-o
Walküre (Wagner): Winterstürme wichen dem Wonnemond 1-15611 4529-o

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