Forgotten Opera Singers

Forgotten Opera Singers

Jun 26, 2014

Eduard Lichtenstein (Tenor) (Karlsbad 1889 - Hamburg 1953)


Son of the tenor Joseph Lichtenstein (1860-1912) Eduard was trained at the Stern'sches Konservatorium in Berlin under Nikolaus Rothmühl. He made his debut in 1908 at the Municipal Theatre in Hamburg as Georg in ‘’Waffenschmied’’ of Lortzing. In 1912 he appeared in Hamburg in the premiere of F. Busoni’s opera ‘’Die Brautwahl’’. He remained till 1915 in Hamburg, where he had his success as Tenor Buffo. his star role was David in ‘’Meistersingern’’ which he also sang in 1910 at the Covent Garden in London. In 1910 he studied again under Jean de Reszke in Paris. He appeared at the Gura-Sommeroper and was engaged in 1915 by the Berlin Städtische Oper. Here in 1917 he sang in operetta ‘’Der Feldprediger’’ of Millöcker with such a great success that impresario Haller engaged him in his operetta performances at Berlin. Now he turned more and more to the operetta and had in Hamburg like in Berlin a huge success as an operetta singer. Together with his friend Richard Tauber he counted as the best interpreter of the title role in Lehár’s operetta ‘’Paganini’’. He appeared in the Berlin premieres of Walter Kollo’s Operettas ‘’Drei alte Schachteln’’ (1918), ‘’Die Vielgeliebte’’ (1919), ‘’Der Vetter aus Dingsda’’ (1921) and ‘’Die hellblauen Schwestern’’ (1925). In 1933 he had to leave as a Jew Germany. He emigrated to Holland and became a singing teacher at the Amsterdam Conservatoire. He undertook successful concert tours at Holland, Belgium and in Switzerland. In 1950 he appeared again in operettas and also again at the concert hall; thus he gave concerts in Hamburg and in Switzerland. He suddenly died in Hamburg, one hour after a commemorative concert for his friend Richard Tauber. First he married to the singer Elisabeth Balzer, then to the actress Hilde Woerner.

Chronology of some appearances

1908 Hamburg  Municipal Theatre Waffenschmied (Georg)
1910 London Covent Garden  Meistersingern  (David)
1912 Hamburg  Municipal Theatre Die Brautwahl
1915 Berlin Städtische Oper
1917 Berlin Städtische Oper Der Feldprediger


Der Waffenschmied (Lortzing): Was einst ein junger Springinsfeld 11392 

Undine (Lortzing): Im Wein ist Wahrheit with Robert vom Scheidt X 51696 XB 4625
Undine (Lortzing): Vater, Mutter, Schwestern, Brüder X 51697 XB 4605

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