Forgotten Opera Singers

Forgotten Opera Singers

Jun 30, 2014

Eugene Guszalewicz (Tenor) ( Lwów (Lemberg) 1867 - Köln 1907)


He studied singing at the conservatoire of Lviv under Walery Wysocki, then with J.Gänsbacher in Vienna. His stage debut took place in 1891 at the Opera House of Bratislava. Then he was engaged by the Municipal Theatres of Aachen and Brünn (Brno) and worked in the 1896-1902 seasons at the German Theatre in Prague. Here he sang among other things the title role in the première of the opera ‘’Der arme Heinrich’’ of Hans Pfitzner and appeared in 1901 in the premiere of the opera ‘’Der polnische Jude’’ of K. Weis. In 1896 he married to his pupil, soprano Alice Guszalewicz (1879-1940), who developed a very successful career. Since 1905 he was a member of the Cologne Opera House. The daughter Genia Guszalewicz (1902-71), had, like her parents, a successful opera career.

Chronology of some appearances

1891 Bratislava Opera House 
1896-1902 Prague German Theatre
1905 Cologne Opera House


Zonophone, Wien 1902?
Prophète (Meyerbeer): Triumphgesang X-1635

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