Forgotten Opera Singers

Forgotten Opera Singers

Jun 26, 2014

Otto Briesemeister (Tenor) (Arnswalde, Neumark 1866 - Berlin 1910)

He was the son of an elementary teacher. He pursued the medicine study at the universities of Berlin, Wurzburg and Leipzig and became a medical officer. Then he studied singing under Wiedemann in Leipzig. In 1893 he made his debut at the Court Theatre of Dessau as Manrico in ‘’Trovatore’’. He was married to the actress Sidonie Hönig. He lived in Berlin and been active there at the same time as a specialist for cervical suffering. When his daughter fallen ill in 1910 with a diphtheria, he got this infection in their sickbed and died also from the illness.

Chronology of some appearances

1894-1895 Aachen Municipal Theatre
1895- 1900 Wroclaw Opera House
1899-1909 Bayreuth Festival
1899 Royal Opera in Stockholm
1900 London Covent Garden
1900 Hamburg Municipal Theatre
1900-1907 Stuttgart Court Opera
1901 Zurich Opera House
1901 Leipzig Opera House
1902 Vienna Court Opera
1903 Lyon Opera House
1903 Dresden Court Opera
1903-08 Mannheim Court Theatre
1903-1909 Prague German Theatre
1903-1909 Munich Court Opera
1905 Royal Opera in Stockholm
1905 Brno Opera House
1907 Leipzig Opera House
1907 Vienna Court Opera
1907 Karlsruhe Court Theatre
1909 Zurich Opera House
1909 Berlin Court Opera
1910 Bremen Municipal Theatre


G&T, Bayreuth 1904-08?
Rheingold (Wagner): Wer hälfe mir? with Hans Breuer 2-42922 1130 Bay (e)

Odeon, Berlin 1907-10?
Siegfried (Wagner): Nothung! Nothung! Neidliches Schwert! 64774 xB3464
Walküre (Wagner): Winterstürme wichen dem Wonnemond 64776 xB3468

Odeon, Berlin 1907-11?
Walküre (Wagner): Siegmund heiss' ich und Siegmund bin ich 64803 xB3524

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