Forgotten Opera Singers

Forgotten Opera Singers

Jun 23, 2014

Bernhard Bötel (Tenor) ( Hamburg 1883 - ? 1953)

His father was the famous tenor Heinrich Bötel (1854-1938); studied singing with Mathieu Lorent in Hamburg, later under Ernst Grenzebach in Berlin. He debuted in 1905 at the Municipal Theatre of Aachen as Lancelot in the operetta ''La Poupée'' of Audran. Then he joined to the Komische Oper, where he had his great success as Hoffmann in ''Hoffmanns Erzählungen''. He remained four years in Berlin and sang in this time also Buffo roles. In 1907 he appeared with the ensemble of the Komische Oper in  London Adelphi Theatre in the English première of ''Hoffmanns Erzählungen'' as comprimario. Later he had in Vienna a significant career as an operetta singer, first at the Opera House in Vienna, then in the 1912-1914 at the Raimund Theatre in Vienna. He took part on 17. 11. 1909 in the premiere of F. Lehár's operetta ''Der Graf von Luxemburg'' at the Opera House in Vienna. In the 1914-1915 season he was active at the Municipal Theatre of  Halle/Saale. Then he worked again in Berlin and was during of 1920's as a Tenor-Buffo a respected member of the Berlin Urban Opera. At the same time he appeared as an operetta singer and was celebrated as a partner of famous diva Fritzi Massary. In the 1928-1931 seasons he appeared at the  Berlin Kroll Opera. In 1935 he retired from the stage.

Chronology of some appearances

1905 Aachen Municipal Theatre
1906 Berlin Komische Oper
1907 London Adelphi Theatre


Odeon, Berlin
Hoffmanns Erzählungen (Offenbach): Es war einmal am Hofe von Eisenack AA 57717 xxBo 7182
Die weisse Dame (Boieldieu): Komm, o holde Dame  AA 57718  xxBo 7183

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