Forgotten Opera Singers

Forgotten Opera Singers

Jun 22, 2014

Adolf Lussmann (Tenor) (Cologne 1882 - ?1935)

He was one of the best german tenors of his time. He made his debut in 1903 at the Municipal Theatre of Strasbourg.

Chronology of some appearances

1903-1906 Strasbourg Municipal Theatre
1908 Nuremberg Municipal Theatre
1906-1908 Vienna People's Opera
1908-1909 Mannheim Court Theatre
1909 Karlsruhe Court Theatre
1909-1910 Dresden Central Theatre
1910-1911 Vienna Theatre
1913-1915 Vienna People's Opera 
1916-1917 Prague German Theatre
1919 Berlin State Opera
1915-1920 Dresden Court Opera
1921-1922 Viennese People's Opera
1924-1925 Berlin German Opera House
1925 Berlin State Opera
1925 London Covent Garden
1925-1926 Cologne Opera House
1931 Berlin Urban Opera
1926-1932 Hannover Opera House
1932-1933 Augsburg Municipal Theatre
1933 Gdansk Municipal Theatre


Odeon, Berlin 1921 (medio)
Siegfried (Wagner): Nothung! Nothung! XX76248 xxB6671
Siegfried (Wagner): Hoho! Hoho! Hahei! (Schmiedelied) XX76249 xxB6672

Homocord, Berlin 1923-04-17
Lohengrin (Wagner): In fernem Land B8200 50968
Tosca (Puccini): Und es blitzten die Sterne B8201 50969
Tristan und Isolde (Wagner): Wohin nun Tristan scheidet B8200 50967
Tannhäuser (Wagner): Die töne Lob! B8201 50970

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