Forgotten Opera Singers

Forgotten Opera Singers

Jul 11, 2014

Sergei Levik (Baritone) (White church, Kiev 1883 - St. Ptersburg 1967)


In 1907 he studied singing under the tenor Michail Medvdiev and in 1908 appeared in cocncert opposite italian opera singers. In the 1909-1912 season he sang at the National House of St. Petersburg, where he made his debut as Demon. From 1912 to 1916 he performed at the Theatre of Musical Drama at St. Ptersburg. He made guest appearances at Kharkov (1910), Kiev, Minsk, Moscow etc. He retired from the stage in 1923..

Chronology of some appearances

1909-1912 St. Petersburg National House
1912-1916 St. Ptersburg Theatre of Musical Drama


Gramophone, St Petersburg 27-10-10
Grand Requiem after the Battle of Borodino (It is not hailing, it is not raining) (words Kruglov) 4-22228 1815ae
Oh thou, quiet Father Don, Cossack song, 1812 (arr. Harteveld) 4-22224 1819ae

Pathé, St Petersburg 1910?
Demon (Rubinstein): Do not weep, oh child   2515
Demon (Rubinstein): Accursed world  2516

Aida (Verdi): Suo padre 

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