Forgotten Opera Singers

Forgotten Opera Singers

Jul 26, 2014

Joseph O'Mara (Tenor) ( Limerick, Ireland 1864 – Dublin 1927)

He received his education among other things by Moratti in Milan. He made his debut at the Royal English Opera House in London (1891) in the title role of the opera ''Ivanhoe'' of Sullivan. In the 1894-95 season he appeared with great success at the Drury Lane Theatre like at the Covent Garden in London in which he performed still  in 1910. Then he became the leading tenor of the Moody Manners Opera Company. In the 1902-04 seasons he undertook as a member of the Beecham Opera Company tours through the English cities. Later he founded own opera troop under the name O'Mara Opera Company which real star singer was he himself. He counted as an excellent Wagner's interpreter, however, his extensive repertoire contained more than 70 stage roles. In 1896 he created in the premiere of the opera ''Shamus O'Brien'' of Charles Stanford in London the title role. In 1926 he retired from the stage. 

Chronology of some appearances

1891 London Royal English Opera House
1894-1895 London Drury Lane Theatre


G&T, London 1901
Shamus O'Brien (Stanford): Ochone! When I used to be young 2-2567 1229b

G&T, London 1902-03?
An April Birthday (Ronald) (pf: Ronald) 2-2061 4143a
Friend and Lover (Ronald) (pf: Ronald) 2-2062 4144a

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