Forgotten Opera Singers

Forgotten Opera Singers

Jul 2, 2014

Adolf Krösing (Tenor) (Prague 1848 - Prague 1933)

He was of well-to-do German-French parentage and grew up in culturally German surroundings. At his father’s behest he began to study law, but he switched to singing under Frantisek Vogl at the Prague Conservatoire. Student appearances led to his début at Prague’s National Theatre in ‘’Lucrezia Borgia’’ in 1870. After singing in opera for a while his career developed in operetta, particularly in buffo roles, in ‘’La Grande Duchesse de Gérolstein’’, for example. His finest portrayal was of Vašek in ‘’Prodaná Nevesta’’, which was exclusively his at the National Theatre from 1871 until his retirement in 1914. He was in a number of important premières: Smetana’s ‘’Tajemstvi’’ (1878) and ‘’Certova Stena’’ (1882); and Dvorák’s ‘’Šelma Sedlák’’ (1878), ‘’Jakobin’’ (1889), ‘’Rusalka’’ (1901) and ‘’Armida’’ (1904). From 1890 he was also a producer. This very rare record from the role of Vašek, in which Krössing was admired by the composer, was made when the artist was 82. Recorded about fifteen years after his retirement this could be a demonstration of a ‘post-modern’ approach to his role, but could simply indicate loss of hearing.

Chronology of some appearances

1870-1914 Prague National Theatre Lucrezia Borgia (Debut)


Odeon 1907-01-01
Eugen Onegin, op. 24 - Pisen Triqueta [in Czech] 38722 Zx 273Z

Prodaná nevĕsta (Smetana): 118114-0

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