Forgotten Opera Singers

Forgotten Opera Singers

Jul 31, 2014

Benvenuto Finelli (Tenor) (London, England 1910 - London, England 1987)

His real name was Bennett Fynn and he was a pupil of the pedagogue John Tobin in London. In 1941 he made his debut under his real name as Almaviva in Rossini’s ‘’Barbiere di Siviglia’’. In 1942 he became a member of the Sadler's Wells Opera, in 1945 Carl Rose Opera Company. Here he took over parts like Duke in ‘’Rigoletto’’, Pinkerton in ‘’Madama Butterfly’’ and again Almaviva. He additionally studied singing under Italian tenors Dino Borgioli in London, Romeo Berti and Amedeo Bassi in Italy. He specialized in the Italian Belcanto repertoire and accepted the  name Benvenuto Finelli. He became known in the 1950’s in England above all as a broadcasting company singer. In 1971 he finished his career and worked since then as a singing teacher in London. 

Chronology of some appearances

1942 Sadler's Wells Opera
1945 Carl Rose Opera Company


Figlia Del Reggimento (Donizetti): Qual Destin Qual Favor
Don Pasquale (Donizetti):  E se fia che ad altro oggetto 
Lucrezia Borgia (Donizetti): Di Pescatore Ignobile
La Favorita (Donizett): Una Vergine
I Puritani (Bellini): A una fonte afflitto e solo
I Puritani (Bellini):  Nel Mirarti
Don Sebastiano (Donizetti): Deserta In Terra
I Puritani (Bellini): A te, o cara
I Puritani (Bellini): Credeasi misera
La Sonnambula (Bellini): Prendi l'anel ti dono
L Italiana in Algeri (Rossini): languir per una bella


  1. Imagine my amazement when I happened to google the name of the voice teacher with whom I studied daily in 1981 for almost a year-----Benvenuto Finelli. I have his last 33-1/3 record on leaving with his autograph. I cannot how happy I am to see his name and wonderful singing on the internet.

  2. Hello there. Can anyone confirm if Mr Finelli coached Freddy Mercuri? It's still a mystery for many of us singers id Freddy ever took a singing lesson, studied for a long time or not at all. My ear tells me he did study but...

  3. According to his PA Freddie never took any singing lessons. There is only one site on the entire internet that makes this claim and it is not at all convincing to me. I would think that the teacher would be widely remembered and extolled for having worked with Freddie Mercury if it were true. I think the guy in this interview threw it out to impress.