Forgotten Opera Singers

Forgotten Opera Singers

Jan 20, 2015

Irene Minghini-Cattaneo (Mezzo-Soprano) (Lugo di Romagna, Ravenna 1892 - Rimini 1944)

First she studied under maestro Cicognani, then with Ettore Cattaneo, the director of the music publishing house Ricordi in Milan, whom she married in 1920. She made her debut in 1918 at the Teatro Carcano in Milan as Madelon in ''Andrea Chenier''. Then she made guest appearances in Milan (Teatro Dal Verme), Turin (Teatro Regio), Rome (Teatro Costanzi), Zurich (''Rigoletto'', ''Ballo in maschera'' and ''Gioconda'') and Nice. In the 1925-1927 seasons and in 1931 she appeared at the Arena di Verona. From 1928 to 1941 she sang with great success at the Teatro Alla Scala in Milan. In  the 1928-1930 seasons several times she made guest appearances at the Covent Garden in London among other things as Amneris in ''Aida'' (together with Dusolina Giannini and Aureliano Pertile), as a partner of Fedor Chaliapin in ''Boris Godunov'' and with Rose Ponselle in ''Gioconda'' of  A. Ponchielli. In 1931 she appeared as a guest in Zurich. In 1935 she performed at the Grand Opéra in Paris. At the Teatro Alla Scala she sang in the premiere of the opera ''Fra Gherardo'' by  I. Pizzetti (16. 5. 1929). Guest performances also took place at the famous opera houses in GermanyAustria, Greece and Egypt. Since 1935 she also added to her extensive stage repertoire roles written for dramatic soprano. In 1941 she retired from the stage. Till 1920 she appeared under the name Irene Minghini-Boschi (her real name).

Chronology of some appearances

1918  Milan Teatro Carcano
1925-1927 Verona Arena
1928-1941 Milan Teatro Alla Scala
1928-1930 London Covent Garden
1931 Verona Arena
1931 Zurich Opera House
1935 Paris Grand Opera


Fonotipia, Milano 1927-05-23
Trovatore (Verdi): O giusto cielo…Perigliati ancor with Aureliano Pertile 120057 XXPh5959
Trovatore (Verdi): Mal reggendo with Aureliano Pertile 120057 XXPh5960

Fonotipia, Milano 1927-05-24
Trovatore  (Verdi): Miserere with  with Aureliano Pertile 120047 XXPh5967

Fonotipia, Milano 1927-05-25
Rigoletto (Verdi): Bella figlia dell’amore with Wanda Bardone, Aureliano Pertile and Giulio Fregosi 120047 XXPh 5970

Fonotipia, Milano 1928-10-17
Aida (Verdi): Concertato act 2, pt 1 with Baracchi, Poli-Randaccio, Montelauri, Fregosi & Righetti 120181 XXPh6387

Fonotipia, Milano 1928-10-21
Aida (Verdi): Concertato act 2, pt 2 with Baracchi, Poli-Randaccio, Montelauri, Fregosi & Righetti 120181 XXPh6412

HMV, Milano 1930-04-02
Gioconda (Ponchielli): Laggiu nelle nebbie remote with Lionello Cecil DB 1432 32-1437
Favorita (Donizetti): Pietoso al par d'un nume with Lionello Cecil DB 1441 32-1440

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