Forgotten Opera Singers

Forgotten Opera Singers

Jan 2, 2015

Emma Vecla (Soprano) (Algeri 1883 - Milano 1972)


She had been descended  from a French family and her real name was Ernestine Telmat. After her education in Paris she made her debut there in 1898 at the Opéra-Comique in ‘’Mignon’’ of A. Thomas. After she had appeared as an opera singer in France, Spain and South America, she completely turned to the operetta. From 1907 to 1930 she was one of the biggest operetta singers in Italy. Her repertoire included also Mimi in ‘’La Bohème’’, Marguerite in C. Gounod’s ‘’Faust’’, Lakmé in the opera of the same name by L. Delibes and the Zerline in ‘’Fra Diavolo’’ of  F. Auber. In Italy she was called a ‘’Queen of the operetta’’.

Chronology of some appearances

1903 Milano Teatro Lirico Thais (Thais)
1904 Rosario di Santa Fè Teatro Colon Boheme (Mimì)
1905 Oporto Teatro San Joao Lohengrin (Elsa)
1906 Sanremo Teatro del Casinò Zaza' (Zazà)
1907 Milano Teatro Dal Verme Stagione compagnia operette citta' di Milano
1908 Genova   Teatro Margherita Don Pasquale (Norina)
1910 Rosario di Santa Fè Teatro Opera Stagione Compagnia operette citta' di Milano
1911 Brunate Hotel Milan Concerto
1913 Milano Teatro Carcano Concerto


Fonotipia, Milano 1908-04-08
Lustige Witwe (Lehár): Tace il labbro with with Ferruccio Corradetti (as Fercor)  92146 XPh3129
Lustige Witwe (Lehár): Haja, vieni un po' a guardar with Gino Vannutelli 92180 XPh3128

Fonotipia, Milano 1908-04-16
Lustige Witwe (Lehár): Due figli di re with with Gino Vannutelli 92181 XPh3152

Fonotipia, Milano 1908-04-17
Frühlingsluft (Strauss, arr Reiterer): Vieni qui, fanciulla with Ferruccio Corradetti (as Fercor) 92147 XPh3160

Fonotipia, Milano 1909-02-23
Walzerträume (Straus)  Soave, lucenti with Nino Ferri  92433 xPh 3806

Fonotipia, Milano 1909-02-26
Walzerträume (Straus) Noi ragazze vaghe inver 92432 xPh 3811

Fonotipia, Milano 1911-01-01
Walzerträume (Straus)  Al caro e santo rito with Azzali 92560  xPh 4039
Amor di principe (Eysler) Valzer delle rose 92867 Xph4779
Amor di principe (Eysler) O Parigi immensa with Anna Perretti and Alfredo Petroni 92868 Xph4783
Amor di principe (Eysler) Non puoi certo immaginare with Alfredo Petroni  92870 Xph4785

Fonotipia, Milano 1911-12-15
Amor di Principe (Eysler) Io vo' lanciarli with Gino Vannutelli 92869 Xph4780

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