Forgotten Opera Singers

Forgotten Opera Singers

Jan 15, 2015

Augusto Ordóñez (Bartione) ( Oviedo, Asturias 1883 - Oviedo, Asturias 1957)

First he studied singing in Madrid under the pedagogue Alvira and made his debut as comprimario at the Teatro Real de Madrid in ‘’ Sansón y Dalila’’. In 1912 he went to Italy and perfected his voice there. The same year he made his debut at the Opera House in Mantua singing in ‘’La Bohème’’ and ‘’Pagliacci’’. At the Royal Theatre in Malta he appeared in ‘’La Traviata’’, ‘’Tosca’’, ‘’L’ Africana’’, ‘’Rigoletto’’ and ‘’Il Barbiere di Siviglia’’. The outbreak of the First World War prompted his return to Spain, where he sang  in Asturias, Madrid and Barcelona. In 1918 he returned to Italy. In 1919 in Mexico City opposite Enrico Caruso he sang at the Teatro Esperanza Iris in ‘’Pagliacci’’. Probably he retired from the stage in 1930 and settled in Spain participating in some zarzuelas (‘’Los gavilanes’’, ‘’La del Soto del parral’’ and ‘’Luisa Fernanda’’). Later he worked as pedagogue in Asturias.

Chronology of some appearances

1911 Madrid Teatro Real Sansón y Dalila (-)
1912 Mantua Opera House La Boheme (-)
1915 Oviedo Teatro Campoamor L’Africaine (-)
1916 Madrid Teatro Comedia Pagliacci (Tonio)
1916 Madrid Teatro Comedia Aida (Amonasro)
1917 Brscia Teatro Sociale Otello (Jago)
1918 Mexico City Teatro Esperanza Iris Pagliacci (Tonio)


Odeon, Barcelona 1924
Las golondrinas (Usandizaga): Se reía 153150 SO 3552
Las golondrinas (Usandizaga)  Estrella de mi camino with Mercedes Casas 153150 SO 3553

Odeon, Barcelona 1925
El collar de Afrodita (Guerrero): Curva de mujer 153151 SO 3628
El collar de Afrodita (Guerrero): Robo del collar 153152 SO 3629

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