Forgotten Opera Singers

Forgotten Opera Singers

Jul 19, 2015

Gotthelf Pistor (Tenor) (17. 10. 1887 Berlino, † 4. 4. 1947 Colonia)

In the 1913-1916 seasons he was engaged as an actor by the Stadttheater in Brandenburg and then took part as a soldier in the First World War. In 1919, when he sang a song from a performance ‘’Wallenstein's Camp’’ in Berlin, his voice was discovered by Juan Luria and probably he studied singing under the famous baritone. In 1919 he appeared at the Neuen Operettentheater Berlin, in the 1920-1922 seasons at the Operettentheater in Hamburg. He made his debut as an opera singer in 1923 at the Stadttheater in Nürnberg. Since 1939 he appeared in Berlin also as a director. Then he worked at the educational department in Cologne.

Chronology of some appearances

1913-1916 Brandenburg Stadttheater
1919 Berlin Neuen Operettentheater
1920-1922 Hamburg Operettentheater
1923 Nürnberg Stadttheater
1924-1925 Wurzburg Stadttheater
1925 Bayreuth Festival
1925-1927 Darmstadt Staatstheater
1927 Bayreuth Festival
1928-1929 Magdeburg Stadttheater
1928 Bayreuth Festival
1929-1930 Hamburg Stadttheater
1930-1932 Köln Opernhaus
1930 Bayreuth Festival
1930 Hague Oper
1930 Zoppot Festival
1930-1932 Wien Staatsopern
1931 Bayreuth Festival
1931 Dresden Staatsoper
1931 London Covent Garden
1931 San Francisco Opera
1932-1944 Berlin Deutsches Opernhaus
1932 Budapest National Opera
1932 Paris Concert
1933 Berlin Staatsoper
1934 Prague  Deutsche Theater
1934-1935 Brussels Théâtre de la Monnaie
1934 Buenos Aires Teatro Colón
1934 Barcelona Teatro Liceo
1935 Budapest National Opera
1935 Wien Staatsoper
1936 Buenos Aires Teatro Colón
1937 Barcelona Teatro Liceo
1937 London Covent Garden


Parlophon, Berlin 1927-09-20
Parsifal (Wagner): Amfortas, die Wunde P9638 20346

Parlophon, Berlin 1928-01-09
Tiefland (d'Albert): Schau her, das ist ein Taler P9228 20557
Siegfried (Wagner): Nothung, Nothung P9828 20559
Siegfried (Wagner): Schmiede, mein Hammer, ein hartes Schwert P9828 20560
Parsifal (Wagner): Nur eine Waffe taugt P9817 20345

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