Forgotten Opera Singers

Forgotten Opera Singers

Jul 18, 2015

Carl Hartmann (Tenor) (2. 5. 1895 Solingen † 30. 5. 1969 Monaco)


First he worked in a razor factory in Solingen. There he sang in several choirs and was discovered by a Cologne music critic, who provided for him the first education in Cologne. In 1921 he began his real study under Richard Senff in Dusseldorf. In 1928 he made his debut at the Stadttheater of Wuppertal-Elberfeld as Tannhäuser. Already in 1930, during the tour, as a member of the Johanna Gadski’s German Opera Company, he excited in North America a sensation, when sang the part of Pedro in ‘’Tiefland’’ by d'Albert. Later in the USA, he made guest appearances in Chicago, St. Louis, San Francisco and Los Angeles. After outbreak of the Second World War he had a difficulties with his return to Germany and traveled over Japan and appeared there not only in several Wagner concerts, but also in edited version of ‘’Lohengrin’’, which showed at the same time the Japanese première of the opera. After the Second World War he never appeared on the stage, however, still gave a recitals. He opened in Munich a business of Solinger Stahlwaren. Later he lived in München.

Chronology of some appearances

1928 Wuppertal-Elberfeld Stadttheater Tannhäuser (Tannhäuser)
1930 North American Tour Tiefland (Pedro)
1931-1933 Berlin Städtischen Oper
1931 Zoppot Festival Siegfried (Siegfried)
1931 Zoppot Festival Die Walküre (Siegmund)
1933 Zoppot Festival Tannhäuser (Tannhäuser)
1933 Zoppot Festival Fidelio (Florestan)
1933-1935 Köln Opernhaus
1936 Zoppot Festival Parsifal (Parsifal)
1937 Wien Staatsoper
1937 Zürich Stadttheater
1937 Lüttich Oper
1937 Maggio Musicale Fiorentino Tristan und Isolde (Tristan)
1937 Paris Grand Opera
1937-1938 Zoppot Festival Lohengrin (Lohengrin)
1937-1940 New York Metropolitan Opera Siegfried (Debut: Siegfried)
1938 Stockholm Royal Opera
1938 Bayreuth Festival Tristan und Isolde (Tristan)
1939 Zoppot Festival Tannhäuser (Tannhäuser)
1939 Zoppot Festival Siegfried (Siegfried)
1941 Zoppot Festival Tannhäuser (Tannhäuser)
1942 Wien Staatsoper Siegfried (Siegfried)
1942-1943 Barcelona Gran Teatre del Liceu  Siegfried (Siegfried)


Die Walküre (Wagner): Ein Schwert verhiess mir der Vater R 1704

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