Forgotten Opera Singers

Forgotten Opera Singers

Jul 27, 2015

Constantino Folco Bottaro (Tenor) (Ramos Mejia 1882 - ?)

He received his education in Italyand there he was a pupil of V. Pintorno in Milan. In 1911 he made his debut at the Teatro Sociale of Mantuaas Turiddu in ''Cavalleria Rusticana’’. In 1912 he made guest appearances in Sicily and Calabria and sang afterwards in TurinGenoaCremona andModena. In 1916 he made his first appearance at La Scala, again as Turiddu. In 1923 he returned to Argentinaand sang at the Teatro Colón of Buenos Aires in the premières of Pizzetti’s ‘’Debora e Jaele’’ and ‘’La vida breve’’ of Manuel de Falla as well as in the premiere of ‘’Raquela’’ (1923), an opera of the Argentine composer Felipe Boero. In 1923 he appeared at the opera house of Rio de Janeiroagain in ‘’Debora e Jaele’’ and ‘’La vida breve’’. In 1925 he was to be found again in Italy, where he appeared in the role of the Giannetto in Giordano’s  ‘’La cena delle beffe ‘’. From  1925 to 1927 he sang at the Teatro Liceo in Barcelona, in 1928 Bottaro made guest appearance at the opera house of Cairo (Herodes in ‘’Salome’’ of R. Strauss), in 1930 he was in Nice, where he performed in ‘’La Cabrera’’ of Gabriel Dupont. In 1935 he appeared for the last time at  the Teatro Verdi in Vicenza as Giannetto in ‘’La cena delle beffe’’. He never made records.

Chronology of some appearances

1911 Mantua Teatro Sociale Cavalleria Rusticana (Turiddu)
1916 Milan La Scala Cavalleria Rusticana (Turiddu)
1923 Buenos Aires  Teatro Colón Debora e Jaele (Rey Sisera)
1923 Buenos Aires  Teatro Colón Raquela (Honorio)
1923 Buenos Aires  Teatro Colón Ilse (Brian)
1923 Buenos Aires  Teatro Colón Compagnacci (Baldo) 
1923 Buenos Aires  Teatro Colón La vida breve (Paco)

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