Forgotten Opera Singers

Forgotten Opera Singers

Jun 24, 2015

Walter Widdop (Tenor) (Norland, near Halifax, Yorkshire, England April 19, 1892 - Hampstead, London, England September 6, 1949)

He studied singing under Percy Pitt, Norman Allin, Arthur Hinchcliffe and Dinh Gilly in London and made his debut in Leeds as Radames in ‘’Aida’’(1923), as a member of the British National Opera Company. He appeared wth this society till 1929. In 1924 he made his debut at Covent Garden in ‘’Siegfried’’, as a partner of Frida Leider. He became one of the first English tenors, who mostly appeared in Richard Wagner’s operas and till 1938, almost annually, sang at Covent Garden, among other things as Tristan opposite Kirsten Flagstad. In 1935 he appeared there as Max in ‘’Freischütz’’ together with Eva Turner. On 25. 6. 1924 he performed at Covent Garden in the premiere of the opera ‘’Judith’’ of Eugène Goossens as Bagoas. In the 1927-1928 season he made guest appearances  at the Teatro Liceo in Barcelona. He appeared also in Holland and Germanny. He took part in the English première of the 8-th symphony ("Sinfonie der Tausend")  by Gustav Mahler. In North America he appeared only at the concert hall, but not on the stage. Still in 1948 he sang in London the part of Ägisth in ‘’Elektra’’ as a partner of Erna Schlüter. He died suddenly. 

Chronology of some appearances

1923 Leeds Leeds Grand Theatre and Opera House Aida (Radames)
1924 London Covent Garden Siegfried (Siegfried)
1924 London Covent Garden Judith (Bagoas)
1928 London Covent Garden Armida (Rinaldo)
1935 London Covent Garden Freischütz (Max)


HMV, London 1926-08-13
I know of two bright eyes (Clutsam) E449 6-2596

HMV, London 1926-09-13
Lohengrin (Wagner): Narration D1353 2-02190

HMV, London 1929-01-18
Judas Maccabaeus (Händel): Sound an alarm D1886 2-02294
Messiah (Händel): Comfort ye, my people D1620 2-02292

HMV, London 1930-01-23
Maritana (Wallace): Yes, let me like a soldier fall D1887 32-1190

HMV, London 1930-09-19
Acis and Galatea (Händel): Love sounds the alarm DB1566 32-2162
Acis and Galatea (Händel): Love in her eyes sits playing DB1566 32-2161
Elijah (Mendelssohn): If with all your hearts E566 30-4788

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