Forgotten Opera Singers

Forgotten Opera Singers

Jun 19, 2015

Charles Gilibert (Baritone) (Paris, France 1866 - New York, USA 1910)

He was a pupil of the Conservatoire de Paris and he made his debut in 1888 at the Paris Opéra-Comique. In 1891 he joined to the ensemble of the Théâtre de la Monnaie in Brussels, where he was highly appreciated and remained till 1900. Here he appeared among other things in the premieres of the operas ‘’Maître Martin’’ of Jan Blockx (1892), ‘’La Vivandière’’ of B. Godard (1896) and ‘’Tijl Ulenspiegel’’ of Jan Blockx (1900). From 1894 to 1909 he made guest appearances at Covent Garden, where on 20. 6. 1894 he sang in the premiere of ‘’La Navarraise’’ of J. Massenet. He sang in London in the premières of G. Charpentier’s ‘’Louise’’ (as father, 1909) and ‘’Le Jongleur de Notre-Dame’’ of J.  Massenet (1906, as Boniface). In 1900 he was engaged by the Metropolitan Opera in New York and made his debut as Herzog in ‘’Roméo et Juliette’’. He belonged to the ensemble of this opera house till 1903. At the Metropolitan Opera he performed in the following opera premières:
1900 La Bohème (Schaunard)
1901 Tosca (Sakristan)
1902 Messaline (Myrrhon)
In 1906 he was engaged by the Manhattan Opera House in New York and sang here till 1910. Here, in 1908, he created the role of the father in the American première of G. Charpentier’s ‘’Louise’’. He was married to the Belgian soprano Gabrielle Lejeune, who made records under the name Mme Gilibert. He died suddenly.

Chronology of some appearances

1888-1890 Paris Opéra-Comique
1891-1900 Brussels Théâtre de la Monnaie
1900 New York Metropolitan Opera
1906-1910 New York Manhattan Opera House
1894-1909 London Covent Garden

Schaunard 1/1/191901, 2/7/191901, Il conte di Monterone 2/28/191901, Il (Filadelfia) sagrestano 2/28/191901, Le duc de Vérone 12/31/191901, Le Dancaïre (Filadelfia) 1/2/191902, Il sagrestano 1/7/191902, Sulpice 1/21/191902, Myrrhon 2/4/191902, Il (Filadelfia) sagrestano 1/6/191903, Schaunard 1/8/191903, Il dottore Bartolo 1/13/191903, (Filadelfia) Sulpice 2/17/191903, Don Pasquale 3/10/191903, La père 3/26/1908, Le Dancaïre (Filadelfia) 11/17/1908, Il dottore Bartolo 11/21/1908, Il conte di Monterone (Filadelfia) 12/1/1908, Le Dancaïre 12/5/1908, Spalanzani 12/10/1908, Crespel (Filadelfia) 12/10/1908, Boniface 12/24/1908, Schaunard 12/29/1908, Le Dancaïre (Filadelfia) 1/2/1909, Schaunard 1/9/1909, Boniface 1/16/1909, Schaunard 2/20/1909, Il (Filadelfia) sagrestano 2/27/1909, Boniface 3/16/1909, La père 3/23/1909, Boniface (Filadelfia) 4/3/1909, Sulpizio 11/25/1909, Boniface 12/9/1909, Il sagrestano (Filadelfia) 12/16/1909, Il conte di Monterone 1/8/1910, Spalanzani 1/18/1910, Crespel (Filadelfia) 1/18/1910, Schaunard 1/27/1910, Spalanzani 1/29/1910, Crespel 1/29/1910, (Filadelfia) Spalanzani 2/5/1910, Crespel 2/5/1910, Le Dancaïre 3/16/1910, La père (Filadelfia) 3/21/1910, 3/26/1910 (Filadelfia)


Columbia, New York 1903
Obstination (de Fontenailles) 1236

Columbia, New York 1907-03?
Don Giovanni (Mozart): Sérénade; Margoton va-t'à l'Jau (trad) 30096

Victor, 1907-04-01
Malgré-moi (Pfeiffer) 81090 B4362

Victor, 1907-03-28 
Per valli, per boschi (Biangini) with Melba  89011 C4347

Victor, 1910-01-28
Xerxes (Händel): Largo 74155 C8488

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  1. Hi - I have an old program from Buckingham Palace June 08 1907 - lists Monsieur Gilibert as singing "plaisir d'Amour" and "Margoton" - so places him in London on Jun 08 1907