Forgotten Opera Singers

Forgotten Opera Singers

Jun 14, 2015

Juliette Simon-Girard (Soprano) (Paris, France 1859 – Nice, France 1954)

She was a daughter of the singer Caroline Girard. She received her education by Régnier in Paris. On 10. 2. 1877 she made her debut at the Folies-Dramatiques in Paris as Carlinette in the premiere of the operetta ‘’La Foire Saint-Laurent’’ of J. Offenbach. She was married to the tenor Max Simon (1852-1923), who appeared at the foil-Dramatiques as a big star. With his partner she created a large number of operettas in the 1870’s and 1880’s of the 19-th century: ‘’Les Cloches de Corneville’’ of Robert Planquette (19. 4. 1877 as Serpolette, her famous star role), ‘’Madame Favart’’ of J. Offenbach (28. 12. 1878), "La fille du Tambour-major" of J. Offenbach (13. 12. 1879), ‘’La Fauvette du temple’’ of André Messager (17. 11. 1885) and "Fanfan la Tulipe" of Louis Varnay (21. 10. 1882). Juliette Simon-Girard also gave a guest performances beyond the French metropolis and appeared by the end of her career in Brussels. She celebrated her unforgettable triumphs in Paris, where in 1900 she appeared again at the  Théâtre des Variétés  in ‘’La Belle Hélène’’ of J. Offenbach. She continued her career till 1914. During her retirement she dealt with social activities for artists ("Orphelins des Artistes", "Retraîte des Vieux Comédiens"). She continued her career till 1914. In 1894 she separated from Max Simon; a son came from this marriage, Aimé Simon, became an actor, a daughter became a singing-teacher. She entered the second marriage with the actor Félix Huguenet. She died in Nice.

Chronology of some appearances

1877 Paris Folies-Dramatiques La Foire Saint-Laurent (Carlinette)
1877 Paris Folies-Dramatiques Les Cloches de Corneville (Serpolette)
1878 Paris Folies-Dramatiques Madame Favart
1879 Paris Folies-Dramatiques La fille du Tambour-major
1882 Paris Folies-Dramatiques Fanfan la Tulipe
1885 Paris Folies-Dramatiques La Fauvette du temple


G&T, Paris 1903
Jolie Parfeumeuse (Offenbach): La famille Bruscambille 33327 1912F 
Belle Hélène (Offenbach): Amours divins 33309 1751F
Périchole (Offenbach): Couplets de l'aveu 33373 2115F 
Grande-Duchesse de Gérolstein (Offenbach): Légende du verre 33374 2116F 
Madame Favart (Offenbach): Ronde des vignes 33310 1752F
Périchole (Offenbach): Air de la lettre 33372 2114F
Grande-Duchesse de Gérolstein (Offenbach): Dites-lui 33375 2117F

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