Forgotten Opera Singers

Forgotten Opera Singers

Mar 3, 2012

Luigi Nicoletti Kormann (Bass) (Rome 1875 - Barcelona 1919)

He was a pupil of the famous bass Romano Nannetti in Rome. He made his debut in 1889 at the Teatro Sociale in Crema as Oroveso in’’Norma’’. In 1898 he appeared at the Teatro Verdi in Pisa as Geronte in Puccini’s ‘’Manon Lescaut’’. He had a successful career in the Italian theaters; thus he sang among other things in 1908 at the Teatro Colon in Buenos Aires where he performed as Alberico in ‘’Wagner’s ‘’Sigfrido’’,  in 1903 at the Teatro Regio Parma as Rodolfo in ‘’La Sonnambula’’, in 1913 at the Teatro Comunale in Bologna (as an Archibaldo in ‘’Amore dei tre Re’’ of Montemezzi), in 1915 at the Teatro La Fenice in Venice (as Don Basilio in ‘’Il Barbieri di Siviglia’’). More successfully his career developed in Spain and in South America. In 1916 he appeared at the Teatro Zarzuela in Madrid in ‘’Amleto’’ of A. Thomas and in ‘’Il Barbiere di Siviglia’’, in 1918 at the Teatro Reale in Madrid as Colline in ‘’La Bohème’’. He died in Barcelona where he was engaged in the local opera season due to a sudden illness. He was a brother of the well-known baritone Francesco Nicoletti.

Chronology of some appearances

1889 Crema Teatro Sociale Norma (Oroveso)
1898 Pisa Teatro Verdi Manon Lescaut (Geronte)
1903 Parma Teatro Regio Sonnambula (Rodolfo)
1908 Buenos Aires Teatro Colon Sigfrido (Alberico)
1913 Bologna Teatro Comunale Amore Dei Tre Re (Archibaldo)
1915 Venice Teatro La Fenice Barbiere di Siviglia (Don Basilio)
1918 Madrid Teatro Real Boheme (Colline)



Berliner, Milano 1899-07
Faust (Gounod): Tu che fai l'addormentata 52580 2831

Pathe cylinders & discs, Paris 1904?
Ernani (Verdi):  Infelice e tuo 4295 10294
Lucrezia Borgia (Donizetti): Vieni, la mia vendetta  4296 10294

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