Forgotten Opera Singers

Forgotten Opera Singers

Mar 22, 2012

Ines De Frate (Soprano) (Alexandria, Egypt 1854 - Milan, Italy 1924)

Her real name was Ines Bigliotti and her family came from Livorno. Probably she made her debut in 1892 in G. Verdi’s ‘’Traviata’’ at the opera theatre of Piacenza. In 1895 she guested at the Teatro Politeama in Buenos Aires, in 1898 at the Teatro Adriano in Rome in A. Ponchielli’s ‘’Gioconda’’. She appeared several times at the Teatro Argentina in Rome ( ‘’Asrael’’ 1895, ‘’Norma’’ 1899). In 1896 De Frate performed at the Teatro Carlo Felice in Genoa as Maria in ‘’Guglielmo Ratcliff’’ of P. Mascagni. In 1895 she guested at La Scala in Milan as Leila in ‘’I pescatori di perle’’ of G. Bizet. In the 1898-99 season she again appeared at La Scala in ‘’Norma’’ under A. Toscanini. She was known for her interpretations of the heroines in Verdi's operas. In 1901 she appeared at the Teatro La Fenice in Venice in A. Ponchielli’s ‘’Gioconda’’, in 1907 at Reggio Emilia in ‘’Norma’’ of V. Bellini. In 1902 at Berlin she sang soprano-solo in G. Rossini’s ‘’Stabat Mater’’. Then she moved to America where togheter with the other famous italian opera singers she guested at the Teatro Tivoli in San Francisco. Here she performed in ‘’Lucrezia Borgia’’, ‘’Aida’’ and ‘’Norma’’ with great success, her special star role. In America she gave a series of concerts under the direction of P. Mascagni. Probably she retired from opera stage in 1908. For the latter part of her life, she lived at the Casa di Riposo Giuseppe Verdi In Milan. Her daughter, Isabella de Frate had a successful, but short career as an opera singer. Unfortunately she died at a young age.

Chronology of some appearances

1892 Piacenza Opera Theatre Traviata (Violetta)
1895 Buenos Aires Teatro Politeama
1895 Rome Teatro Argentina Norma (Norma)
1895 Milan La Scala Pescatori di perle (Leila)
1896 Genoa Teatro Carlo Felice Guglielmo Ratcliff (Maria)
1898 Rome Teatro Adriano
1898-1899 Milan La Scala Norma (Norma)
1899 Rome Teatro Argentina
1901 Venice Teatro La Fenice Gioconda (Gioconda)
1902 San Francisco Teatro Tivoli Aida (Aida)
1907 Reggio Emilia Teatro Municipale



G&T, Milano 1907
Nabucco: Anch'io dischiusa 53554 10939b
Stabat Mater (Rossini) Inflammatus 053192 1378c

Gramophone, Milano 1908-05
Chatterton (Leoncavallo):  Nel pieghi del sudario with Francesco Signorini 54374 11200b
Chatterton (Leoncavallo):  John dite che ci apprestino with Gaetano Pini-Corsi, Giuseppe Quinzi-Tapergi and Amina Santoro 54391 11203b
Chatterton (Leoncavallo): Lord Clifford qui desidera with Francesco Cigada and Giuseppe Quinzi-Tapergi 54389 1462c
Chatterton (Leoncavallo):  Signore, vi presento with Francisco Granados, Giuseppe  Quinzi –Tapergi and Francesco Federici 054234 1465c 
Chatterton (Leoncavallo):  Sui vanni suoi la morte Jenny with Francesco Signorini 054232 14662c
Chatterton (Leoncavallo):  Ah! Patria infame with Francesco Signorini 054231 1467c
Chatterton (Leoncavallo):  Gli amici suoi perche with Francisco Granados and Francesco Cigada 054236 1470c
Chatterton (Leoncavallo):  Un angiol sei! Ma datti pace with Francesco Cigada 054238 1471c

Gramophone, Milano 1908
Lucrezia Borgia (Donizetti): M'odi, ah m'odi  53552 11302b
Aida (Verdi): Fuggiam gli ardori with Francesco Signorini  054213 1492c

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