Forgotten Opera Singers

Forgotten Opera Singers

Mar 24, 2016

Thor Mandahl (Tenor) (Göteborg 1875, 6/1 – Stockholm 1959, 26/2)

He studied singing under J. Günther in Stockholm. In 1899 he made his debut at the Stockholm Royal Opera as Lothario in ‘’Mignon’’ of A. Thomas.  He remained a member of this opera house till 1917 . Since 1917 he worked as a concert agent and pedagogue in Stockholm. From 1899-1910 he was married the contralto Julia Jahnke-Mandahl (1873-1944), who also worked at the Royal Opera, where both took part among other things in 1910 in the premiere of the opera ‘’Arlnjot’’ of Wilhelm Peterson-Berger. A daughter, mezzo-soprano Birgit Mandal (1900-1973), who appeared in the 1925-1932 seasons again at the Royal Opera, came from this marriage. 

Chronology of some appearances

1899-1917 Stockholm Royal Opera


Favorite, Stockholm 1905-12
Trollhättan (Lindblad) 1-85036 929-o
Förbjuden musik (Gastaldon) 1-85037 930-o

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