Forgotten Opera Singers

Forgotten Opera Singers

Mar 5, 2016

Michael Gitowsky (Bass) (Poltava, Ukraine 28. 12. 1887 - ? 1939)


First he studied at the cadet school in Orel, then graduated from the military academy in Moscow and became an officer. He received his first singing lessons from Pierre Copola in Oslo, since 1919 he was a student of August Iffert in Dresden, with Lapierre and Waldemar Bernhardt he studied in Paris and finally he completed his education under Vittorio Vanza in Milan. He made his debut in 1923 in Germany as a concert singer. Since 1936 he appeared In Germany under the stage name Michael von Roggen. At the Berlin Staatsoper he sang among other things in the premiere of the opera ‘’Rembrandt van Rijn’’ by Paul von Klenau (23. 1. 1937). Till 1946 he appeared in opera performances and concerts. Later he lived in Berlin.

Chronology of some appearances

1924-1925 Hamburg Stadttheater
1925-1926 North German broadcasting company (Norag)
1926-1927 Leipzig Neuen Theater
1928-1930’s Paris Russian Opera
1937-1943 Berlin Staatsoper
1937-1939 Bayreuth festival  

Homocord, Berlin 1928-10?
Simon Boccanegra (Verdi): A te l'estremo addio 4-8917 52503
Don Carlo (Verdi): Ella giammai m'amo! 4-8917 52504
Juive (Halévy): Wenn ew'ger Hass 4-8926 52505-I

Homocord, Berlin 1929-06-27
Boris Godounov (Moussorgsky): Monolog des Boris (Ru) 4-9027 H-M532D
Boris Godounov (Moussorgsky): Monolog des Pimen (Ru) 4-9027 H-M533D

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