Forgotten Opera Singers

Forgotten Opera Singers

Apr 24, 2015

Rudolf Ritter (Tenor) (Brüx, now Most, Czech Republic 1878 - Gaildorf, nr Stuttgart, Germany 1966)

First he became an officer and belonged to the Austrian-Hungarian army (1898-1908). Then he studied singing at the Vienna Music Academy and in 1910 made his debut at the Volksoper in Vienna, to which he belonged till 1913. Here on 23. 11. 1911 he appeared in the premiere of the opera "Der Kuhreigen" by Kienzl. In 1913 he was engaged by the Hofoper in Stuttgart and sang here with great success approximately twenty years and appeared among other things in the premieres of the operas "Ulenspiegel" of Walter Braunfels (1913) and "Eine Florentinische Tragödie" by Alexander Zemlinsky (1917). In  the 1923-1924 season he undertook with the German Opera Company a tour through North America. In 1923 he made guest appearance at the Great Northern Theatre in Chicago and in 1924 sang in New York in the première of the opera "Der Evangelimann" by W. Kienzl. In the 1924-1925 season, at the Bayreuth Festival, he took over the part of Siegfried in Ring-Zyklus.  Here in 1930 he sang the part of Tannhäuser. In 1926 he had a huge success in South America. In the 1929-1931 season, under Johanna Gadski, he travelled with the Second German Opera Company again around North America. He made guest appearances in London (Covent Garden), Paris (Grand Opéra), Vienna (Staatsoper. 1921-1922), the Hague (1931) and Zurich (Stadttheater. 1916, 1922). In 1927 at the festival of Zoppot he took part of Siegfried in "Götterdämmerung". In 1933 he retired from the stage. Then he lived in Stuttgart and worked as vocal pedagogue. Married to the pianist Gret Hein.

Chronology of some appearances

1910-1913 Vienna Volksoper
1913-1920's Stuttgart Hofoper


Vox, Berlin 1923
Rienzi (Wagner): Gebet *03351 1292A
Otello (Verdi): Othellos Tod *03351 1296A

Odeon, Berlin 1924-10-07
Tiefland (d'Albert): Schau her, das ist ein Taler 80223 xxB7052
Tiefland (d'Albert): Ich grüß' noch einmal meine Berge 80224 xxB7053

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