Forgotten Opera Singers

Forgotten Opera Singers

Apr 5, 2015

Louis van de Sande (Baritone) (Tilburg, Netherlands 1887 – Berlin, Germany 1954)

His real name was Petrus Aloysius van der Sande. Originally a painter he studied singing at the Berlin Conservatory under Anton Sistermans. He made his debut in 1913 and already the next year he was engaged by the Hofoper in Berlin. Here especially he had a huge success in R Wagner's operas. In 1917 he sang at this opera house in R. Wagner’s ‘’Parsifal’’ in a presence of emperor Wilhelm II. He made guest appearances at the German and Dutch operatic stages. In 1913 at Opera in Gdansk he appeared in R. Wagner’s ‘’Siegfried’’. During the 1920’s he had a significant career as a broadcasting company singer in Berlin. in 1924 he travelled with opera troupe escorted by Cornelis Bronsgeest around Holland, where he performed not only in concerts, but also in opera and operetta performances. In 1930 he became a pedagogue at the Church Music School of the Episcopal Ordinariats in Berlin and since that time appeared as an oratorio singer, however, after the Second World War appeared as an opera singer.

Chronology of some appearances

 1914-1917 Berlin Hofoper


Tannhäuser (Wagner): Blick ich umher 6309

Martha (Flotow): Ja, seit früher Kindheit Tagen 31

Bajazzo (Leoncavallo): Prolog Pt 1
Bajazzo (Leoncavallo): Prolog Pt 2

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