Forgotten Opera Singers

Forgotten Opera Singers

Apr 7, 2015

Emilie Feuge-Gleiss (Soprano) (Rheinpfalz, Germany 1863 - Dessau., Germany 1923)

She studied under Adolf Schimon in Munich and in Leipzig. She began her career in 1887 at the Hofopfer in Berlin, where she remained till 1889. Then she sang in the 1889-1890 season at the Hoftheater in Schwerin, from 1890 to 1916 appeared at the Hoftheater in Dessau. There she took part in the premiere of the opera ‘’Der Totentanz’’ by Josef Reiter (5. 11. 1905). In the 1897-1906 seasons she appeared at the Bayreuth Festival. In 1903 she sang at the Covent Garden in London as Eva in ‘’Meistersingern’’. She also sang under the name Emmy Feuge-Gleiss, since she was married to the tenor Oskar Feuge (1861-1913), who also worked in Dessau. Their daughter, Elisabeth Feuge (1902-42), became a known soprano.

Chronology of some appearances

1887-1889 Berlin Hofopfer
1889-1890 Schwerin Hoftheater
1897-1906 Bayreuth Festival
1890-1916 Dessau Hoftheater


G&T, Bayreuth 1904
Siegfried (Wagner): Hei, Siegfried (Sang des Waldvogels) 43575 BAY1114e

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