Forgotten Opera Singers

Forgotten Opera Singers

Mar 24, 2014

Lazar S. Samoiloff (baritone) (Kiev 1877 – San Francisco ?)

His real name was Lazar Samoilovich Kvasha. He studied singing under Camillo Everardi at Kiev, then at the Vienna Konservatorium. Later he additionaly received vocal education in Italy by Augusto Brogi. In 1901 he made his debut at the Opera House of Kharkov, where he sang till 1903. Then he appeared at the opera houses of OdessaKiev and Italy. Then he lived in Paris, but by advice of Feodor Chaliapin went to live in New York and worked there as a vocal pedagogue. Later in San Francisco Samoiloff opened private singing School.

Chronology of some appearances

1901-1903  Kharkov Opera House


ZonophoneBerlin 1907
Demon (Rubinstein): I am he whose voice you heard  X-62670 3562r

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  1. Name Lazar S Samoiloff
    Event Type Death
    Event Date 18 Feb 1945
    Event Place Los Angeles, California, United States
    Birth Date 12 Jan 1877
    Birthplace Other Country
    Gender Male
    Father's Name Samoiloff