Forgotten Opera Singers

Forgotten Opera Singers

Mar 24, 2014

Joseph E. Schwarz (Baritone)

Probably he was from Czechy. his career began in 1916 at the Opera House of Reichenberg (Liberec), where he was a member of choir, however, soon he started to appear as comprimario. In  the 1917-18 season he was a soloist of the Opera House in Troppau (Opava). In  the 1918-20 seasons he appeared at the Municipal Theatre of Olmütz (Olomouc). From 1920-22 seasons he sang at the German Theatre in Brünn (Brno) and from 1922-25 at  the German Theatre in Prague. During the 1925-27 seasons he was engaged by the Berlin State Opera, however, he returned again to Prague where he was engaged in the 1927-29 seasons again by the German Theatre. From 1929-30 he appeared as a guest at the Opera House of Teplitz-Schönau, in  the 1930-31 season he was a member of the Opera House in Graz. During the following years he was active again as a guest at Prague and sang from 1935-38 at the German Theatre. On 15. 6. 1938 he appeared at this Opera House in the premiere of the opera ‘’Karl V’’ of  E. Kr|venek. In  the 1939-43 seasons he appeared  at the Municipal Theatre of Dortmund and in 1944 as a guest he sang at the Municipal Theatre of Posen (Poznan). His stage career was probably finished with this appearance. He gave guest performances at the Vienna State Opera (1935, 1938), at the Théâtre de la Monnaie in Brussels (1935) and at the Vienna Volksoper (1941 and 1942 among other things as Hans Sachs). He had a big career also as a concert and oratorio singer. He had a name almost identical to that of the great baritone, Josef Schwarz (1881-1926).

Chronology of some appearances

1916 Reichenberg Opera House
1917-1918  Troppau Opera House 
1918-1920  Olmütz Municipal Theatre
1920-1922 Brünn German Theatre
1922-1925 Prague German Theatre  
1925-1927 Berlin State Opera


Tri-Ergon, Berlin 1930?
Otello (Verdi): Credo TE10032 3568m1

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