Forgotten Opera Singers

Forgotten Opera Singers

May 1, 2016

George Hamlin (Tenor) (20. 9. 1869 Elgin (Illinois), † 20. 1. 1923 New York)

He studied in his American native country as well as in Europe, among other things under George Henschel in London. He made his debut in 1886 together with St. Louis Choral Society in Symphony No. 2 (Mendelssohn). In 1898 he gave in Chicago a song recital with songs of Richard Strauss still quite unknown at that time in America. During the following years he had in the USA in music parties and oratorio performances much notable success. In the 1904-1906 seasons  he undertook a big concert tour through Holland, England, France and Germany which probably was the climax of his career. Finally, in 1911 his stage debut occurred when he sang the part of Paul Merrill in Victor Herbert opera ‘’Natoma’' at the Chicago Opera. He took over the same part then also with performances in New York and Chicago. Till 1915 he remained a member of the Chicago Opera, where he also appeared in the première of the opera ‘’Das Heimchern am Herd’’ by Goldmark. He sang in Chicago the following parts: Gennaro in E.Wolf-Ferrari’s ‘’I gioielli della Madonna’’, Pinkerton in ‘’Madama Butterfly’’, participated also in the opera premieres: ‘’A Lover's Knot’’ by Buchhalter (1915), ‘’I dispettosi amanti’’ of Attilio Parelli (1915) and ‘’Madeleine’’ by Victor Herbert (1917). In 1918 he gave in New York again a successful concerts. His daughter Anna Hamlin had in America a short, but successful career as a concert soprano. She published under the title ‘’Father what a tenor’’ (Hicksville, NY, 1978) a commemorative book to her father.

Chronology of some appearances

1911-1915 Chicago Opera


Victor, Camden NJ 1911-04-12
Cavalleria Rusticana (Mascagni): Viva il vino (Brindisi) 64245 B10174

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