Forgotten Opera Singers

Forgotten Opera Singers

May 29, 2016

Edith Helena (Soprano) (23. 12. 1876 Brooklyn, New York † 27. 11. 1956 Mount Kiscoe, New York)

Her real name was Edith Helen Seymour. Her mother had been a singer too. Already at the age of nine she sang in a children's choir. She studied singing under Tagliapietra and Alberto de Bassini. In 1906 her opera debut took place at the New York Academy of Music as Violetta in ‘’Traviata’’. In the 1907-1909 seasons she undertook concert tour through North America. In 1910 she joined the Aborn English Grand Opera Company and made her debut as Lucia in ‘’Lucia di Lammermoor’’. She married the tenor of this opera troupe Domenico Russo. Since 1911 she sang at this opera society a huge number of opera parts, included Marguerite in ‘’Faust’’, Leonora in ‘’Trovatore’’, Nedda in ‘’Pagliacci’’, Mariella in ‘’I Gioielli della Madonna’’, Thaïs, Cio-Cio-San in ‘’Madama Butterfly’’, Carmen, the title part in ‘’Martha’’ and Arline in ‘’The Bohemian Girl’’. In 1918 she became a member of the Century Opera Company. Since 1921 she completely devoted herself to the Vaudeville and the musical Comedy. She also appeared in American sound films. During the 1920’s she sang under the pseudonym ‘’Mme Pompadour’’ in rococo costumes in handicrafts theaters and cinemas. In 1941 she again sang at the Roxy Theater in New York. She opened in Mount Kiscoe a delicatessen store and at the end moved herself to the sales of exclusive upholstered furniture. 

Chronology of some appearances

1906 New York Academy of Music
1907-1909 Tour through North America
1910 Aborn English Grand Opera Company 


G&T, Berlin 1904
Sonnambula (Bellini): Ah non giunge 53151 

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