Forgotten Opera Singers

Forgotten Opera Singers

Aug 23, 2015

Cornelis Bronsgeest (Baritone) (Leiden, Holland 24/7 1878 - Berlin, Germany 22/9 1957)


Frist he decided to became an architecture, but after discovering that he had a beautiful voice, studied singing with Richard Schulz-Dornburg in Berlin, then under Julius Stockhausen in Frankfurt a. M. and made his debut in 1902 at the Stadttheater in Magdeburg, where he appeared till the next year. At the Berlin Hofoper he made his debut as Amonasro in ‘’Aida’’ and in 1913 sang the part of Posa in the premiere of G. Verdi’s ‘’Don Carlo’’. Three years later he performed here in the premiere of R. Srauss’s ‘’ Ariadne auf Naxos’’. Before the First World War he made successful guest performances in Holland, Belgium and France. In 1914, under Sir Thomas Beecham, he sang at the Drury Lane Theater of London the part of Papageno in ‘’Zauberflöte’’. In the 1919-1920 season he undertook a North America tour. In 1920 he guested at the Wien Staatsoper. He founded the Berlin broadcasting company orchestra and the broadcasting company choir. Then in the 1922-1924 seasons he went on a tour around Holland and Belgium. In 1924 he organized at the Amsterdam Théâtre Carré the performance of R. Wagner’s ‘’Parsifal’’. In 1933, because of political reasons, he gave up his activities with broadcasting company and from 1935 to 1944 worked as director of the Berlin Theater der Jugend. Till 1935 he still made guest appearances at the Berlin Hofoper. During the Second World War, he gave an opera performances before German soldiers. After the Second World War he organized the first opera performances in destroyed Berlin. Married to actress Bertha Kleen.

Chronology of some appearances

1902-1903 Magdeburg Stadttheater
1903-1908 Hamburg Stadttheater
1906-1919 Berlin Hofoper
1914 London Drury Lane Theatrer
1919-1920 North America tour
1920 Wien Staatsoper
1921-1923 Berlin Hofoper


Odeon, Berlin 1907-03/05 
Tannhäuser (Wagner): Blick' ich umher X50292 xB2538 

Odeon, Berlin 1908-09
Aida (Verdi): Vater, ich bin nicht ihnen die Sklavin with Rose X50569 xB4146

Odeon, Berlin 1908-10?
Nozze die Figaro (Mozart): Ich soll ein Glück entbehren X50582 xB4263 

Odeon, Berlin 1909-02?
Zauberflöte (Mozart): Der Vogelfänger bin ich ja X50611 xB4408 

Odeon, Berlin 1909-10?
Aida (Verdi): Ihr Vater! Ich hab' gekämpft X50672 xB4703

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