Forgotten Opera Singers

Forgotten Opera Singers

May 10, 2015

Therese Rothauser (Mezzo-Soprano) (Budapest, Hungary 1865 - Theresienstadt, Czech Republic 1943)


She was the daughter of a Budapest businessman and received her education by Emmerich Bellovicz in Budapest. Sister of actor Eduard Rothauser (1876-1956). She appeared first as a concert singer and as an oratorio soloist. She created among other things in Leipzig some songs of Gustav Mahler. In 1887 she was engaged by the  Opernhaus in Leipzig, where she debuted in the opera "Die Loreley" by Max Bruch. On 20. 1. 1888 she sang there in the premiere of  Carl Maria von Weber’s "Die drei Pintos". In 1889 she became a member of the Berlin Hofoper. Here she appeared longer than 25 years. In 1892 she sang in the premiere of Felix von Weingartner’s opera ‘’Genesius’’, in 1898 in ‘’Don Quixote’’ of W. Kienzl, in 1899 in ‘’Mudarra’’ of Fernand Le Borne, in 1900 in ‘’Cain’’ of Eugene d'Albert, in 1910 in ‘’Poia’’ of American composer Arthur Nevin, in 1907 in the German première of Giacomo Puccini’s ‘’Madama Butterfly’’, in 1911 in the unforgettable Berlin première of "Die Rosenkavalier", in 1913 in "Der Barbier von Bagdad" by Cornelius. In 1890 emperor Wilhelm II after a performance of ‘’Carmen’’ let her hand a precious sapphire brooch. After her retirement, she worked in Berlin as a pedagogue. As a Jew she was arrested during of the national socialism and died in the ghetto Theresienstadt.

Chronology of some appearances

1887 Leipzig Opernhaus 
1889-1913 Berlin Hofoper


Columbia, Berlin 1904/1905
Carmen (Bizet): Habanera 40605

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