Forgotten Opera Singers

Forgotten Opera Singers

May 3, 2015

Sofie Sedlmair (Soprano) (Hannover, Germany 1857 - Hannover, Germany 1939)




She began her career as an operetta singer in 1878 under the name Sophie Offeney at the Carolatheater in Leipzig. Perfecting her vocal under Schmidt in Vienna she made her real debut on the opera stage in 1893 as Leonore in ‘’Fidelio’’at the Stadttheater in Gdansk. After her retirement, she worked as pedagogue in Hannover.

Chronology of some appearances

1879-1880 Mainz Theater
1880-1885 Dresden Residenztheater
1886-1887 Amsterdam Deutschen Theater
1887 New York Thalia-Theater
1882-1892 Berlin Friedrich-Wilhelmstädtischen Theater
1893 Gdansk Stadttheater
1894 Leipzig Theater
1894 Berlin Kroll Opera
1895-1896 Wroclaw Theater
1896 Budapest National Opera
1897 London Covent Garden
1896-1907 Vienna Hofoper


G&T, Wien 1903
Lohengrin (Wagner): Das süsse Lied verhallt with Erik Schmedes 044023 56Hp
Tristan und Isolde (Wagner): O sink' hernieder with Erik Schmedes 044039 55Hp

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