Forgotten Opera Singers

Forgotten Opera Singers

Oct 19, 2012

Max Altglass (Tenor) (Warsaw, Poland 1890 - New York 1952)

He studied in Berlin and made his debut in 1913 at the Municipal Theater of Linz, where he stayed till 1913. Then he sang from 1913-17 at the Municipal Theater of Nuremberg, in the 1917-18 season at the Municipal Theater of Kiel, from 1918-21 again in Nuremberg, from 1921-24 at the German Theater of Prague. During this time he guested at the opera house of Frankfurt a. M. (1913), at the Court theaters of Stuttgart (1915) and Brunswick (1916) and at the Berlin State Opera. In 1924 he was engaged by the Metropolitan Opera, New York where he sang up to 1940 Comprimario parts. He sang there in several opera premieres including the American première of Puccini’s ‘’Turandot’’,  ‘’La cena delle beffe’’ of Giordano, ‘’Sadko’’ of Rimsky-Korsakov (1930). After his retirement he worked in New York as a respectable pedagogue.

Chronology of some appearances

1913 Linz Municipal Theater
1913-1917 Nuremberg Municipal Theater
1917-1918  Kiel Municipal Theater
1918-1921 Nuremberg Municipal Theater
1921-24 Prague German Theater

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