Forgotten Opera Singers

Forgotten Opera Singers

Oct 19, 2012

Antonio Scotti (Baritone) (Naples, Italy 1866 – Naples, Italy 1936)

He was a pupil of Esther Triffani-Paganini. His debut (1889) was as Cinna in Spontini's ''Vestale''. He made his Covent Garden debut in 1899 where he was a tremendous success, but it was later that same year, when he began his thirty-five season association with the Metropolitan Opera, that he found a home. Scotti, often teaming up with Enrico Caruso, made over 1200 appearances at the Metropolitan. He was particularly successful in ''Tosca'' as Scarpia which he performed 217 times there. His debut (27 Dec 1899) as Don Giovanni drew the following comments from W. J. Henderson of the New York Times: "He possesses a beautiful barytone voice, fine and smooth in quality...He sings with intelligence and discrimination, and with the accent of dramatic truthfullness."

Chronology of some appearances

1890 Milano  Teatro Manzoni Favorita (Alfonso)
1890 Milano  Teatro Manzoni Puritani (Riccardo)
1891 Buenos Ayres Teatro dell'Opera Puritani (Riccardo)
1892  San Paolo  Teatro San Josè Rigoletto (Rigoletto)
1892 Montevideo  Teatro Solis Puritani (Riccardo)
1892 Montevideo  Teatro Solis Don Carlo (Rodrigo)
1892 San Paulo  Teatro San Josè Don Carlo (Rodrigo)
1893 Rio de Janeiro  Teatro San Pedro Otello (Jago)
1893 Buenos Ayres  Opera Rigoletto (Rigoletto)
1893 San Paolo  Teatro San Josè Pagliacci (Tonio)
1893 San Paolo  Teatro San Josè Otello (Jago)
1893 San Paulo  Teatro San Josè Gioconda (Enzo)
1894 Buenos Ayres  Teatro dell'Opera Otello (Jago)
1896 Roma  Teatro Argentina Puritani (Riccardo)
1896 Varsavia  Teatro Imperiale Pagliacci (Tonio)
1896 Kiev  Teatro Solodovnikoff Ernani (Don Carlo)
1898 Santiago del Cile  Teatro Municipal Pagliacci (Tonio)
1900 Londra  Covent Garden Tosca (Scarpia)
1901 New York  Teatro Metropolitan Pagliacci (Tonio)
1901 Londra  Covent Garden Otello (Jago)
1902 New York  Teatro Metropolitan Rigoletto (Rigoletto)
1903 Londra  Covent Garden Rigoletto (Rigoletto)
1903 New York Teatro Metropolitan Rigoletto (Rigoletto)
1905 San Francisco  Opera House Rigoletto (Rigoletto)
1905 Londra  Covent Garden Rigoletto (Rigoletto)


G&T, London 1902
Messaline (Lara): O nuit d'amour  2-2706 2019b

Columbia, New York 1903
Carmen (Bizet): Con voi ber 1205
Pagliacci (Leoncavallo): Prologo  1206
Don Giovanni (Mozart): Serenata & Finch'han dal vino 1207

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