Forgotten Opera Singers

Forgotten Opera Singers

Jul 29, 2020

Francesco Garguilo

Born: Around 1858 (or thereabouts) in Sorrento, Napoli, Campania, Italy (father listed as Antonio, mother unknown) – he died in Sydney Australia in 1915 and at that time his death certificate states he was Caretaker at Her Majesty’s Theatre in Sydney.

Married: Anne Elizabeth ORPWOOD (she was English) in Vichy, Allier, Auvergne, France on 22 Nov 1882. She was described as an Actress (died in 1899 in Sydney Australia) on her death certificate.

The family story was that either or both of them were opera singers – possibly performed or lived in Scotland at some point.

Francesco and Ann and their first child - (Elanor Kate/Eleanor Kate) also known as Annie was born in Mile End, Middlesex, England in 1884/1885 – the three of them emigrated to Australia arriving in 1885.

Family story also states that he was related (a cousin of some kind) of Antonietta Meneghel (Toti Dal Monte). An Australian newspaper article notes that he sang at his daughter’s (Marie Carmella) wedding in 1915 – from what I can gather only a few days before his death. I cannot seem to find any other information as to whether he sang (either professionally or as an amateur).

I wish to thank Helene Murphy for providing me information

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