Forgotten Opera Singers

Forgotten Opera Singers

Aug 25, 2018

Maria Russo (Mezzo-Soprano)

She was to young to sing in Guy Golterman’s grand operas  At MUNY  and Kiel, but St Louis Mezzo-Soprano Maria’Russo’s career was ‘moved along’ by the impressario. Golterman arranged auditions with the Met’s Fausto Cleve. He also contacted Fortuno Gallo on her behalf. Maria persisted in New York. She found her role ‘Carmen’: First with the Charles Wagner Opera Company 1952 tour. This was followed by a 10-weeks tour of South America with the South  America Opera Company.others in the company were Jan Pierce, Robert Weede and Herbs Nelli.  Her concert debut was with the St Louis Symphony Orchestra in 1949. In New York she was coached by several of the Met’s conductors including Caesar Sodero. Dramatic lessons by the Met’s Desire Defrere. The girl from the St Louis ‘Hill’ neighborhood did well. She never forgot Guy Golterman. Maria Russo never came back to St Louis. I believe she stayed in New York.

By Ed Golterman

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