Forgotten Opera Singers

Forgotten Opera Singers

Nov 23, 2017

Vladimir Karavya (Tenor) (Odessa, Ukraine 12. 01. 1886 - Cannes, France 14. 08. 1969)



He was born into a family of Greek descent. Karavya went to St. Petersburg in the 1920’s and quickly become a famous for his interpretation of mostly dramaptic repertoire, especially for his Canio, where he demonstrated his dramatic actor talent and big power of his voice, he sang with success at the Theatre of Music Drama in Petersburg. Around 1926 Karavya immigrated to Paris, where appeared at different Russian opera houses. He was a soloist of Agrenev-Slavyansky’s Opera House (1928-1930), then he joined to the Chamber Opera of A. Dolinov (1931/1932 season). Since 1936 he taught singing at the Conservatory Russian De Paris.
Chronology of some appearances

1920’s St. Petersburg Theatre of Music Drama
1928-1930 Paris Agrenev-Slavyansky’s Opera House
1931-1932 Chamber Theater of A. Dolinov

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