Forgotten Opera Singers

Forgotten Opera Singers

Jun 5, 2016

Carl Rittmann (Baritone) (1879 ? - Wien ? 1942)

He made his debut in 1902 at the Municipal Theater of Beuthen, where he was engaged till 1904. Then he continued his education and was active in the 1906-1908 seasons at the Opera House of Bern, Switzerland. From  1908 to 1910 he sang at the Municipal Theater in Bremen and from 1910 to 1925 he was engaged by the Vienna Court Opera, where he appeared with great success. Here his repertoire included Eberbach in ‘’Wildschütz’’, Valentin in ‘’Faust’’, Papageno in "Zauberflöte", Wolfram in ‘’Tannhäuser’’ and Donner in "Rheingold", Sharpless in ‘’Madama Butterfly’’, Nelusco in ‘’Africaine’’ and Escamillo in ‘’Carmen’’. In the beginning of the 1930’s he still lived in Vienna. 

Chronology of some appearances

1902-1904 Beuthen Municipal Theater
1906-1908 Bern Opera House
1908-1910 Bremen Municipal Theater
1910-1925 Vienna Court Opera


Favorite, Hannover 1908-02/03
Dinorah (Meyerbeer): Dich rächet meine Reue 1-15600 4509-o
Tannhäuser (Wagner): Wohl wusst' ich hier sie im Gebet zu finden 1-15586 4510-o

Dacapo, Berlin 1908-05-01/04
Traviata (Verdi): Hat dein heimatliches Land D1310

Tannhäuser (Wagner): Blick' ich umher D1312

Dacapo, Berlin 1908-05-05
Poupée (Audran): Ich bin von so schüchternem Blut D1327
Faust (Gounod): Serenade D1326

Dacapo, Berlin 1908-05-05?
Poupée (Audran): Fragt jemand mich... Ja, Zufriedenheit D1332

Favorite, Hannover 1908-10-12
Zauberflöte (Mozart): Bei Männern, welche Liebe fühlen with Runge 1-19297 1014-b
Zauberflöte (Mozart): Pa-Pa-Pa-Pa-Pa-Pa-Papagena! with Runge 1-19298 1015-b

Favorite, Hannover 1908-10-19?
Traviata (Verdi): Hat dein heimatliches Land 1-15664  1122-b
Martha (Flotow): Ja! Seit früher Kindheit Tagen with Baum 1-19274 1125-b

Zonophone, Berlin 1908-12-07
Hänsel und Gretel (Humperdinck): Wir armen, armen Leute X-2-22022

Pathé, Berlin 1909?
Dinorah (Meyerbeer): Dich rächet meine Reue 14558

Gramophone, Bremen 1909-11
Madama Butterfly (Puccini): Im weiten Weltall with Baum V.* 2-24127 10183L
Zauberflöte (Mozart): Duett Papagena-Papageno with Müller-Reichel V.* 2-24125 10172L

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