Forgotten Opera Singers

Forgotten Opera Singers

Apr 6, 2016

Erik Sjøberg (Tenor) (1909, 31/10, Nexø, Bornholm - 1973 8/11 Rønne, Bornholm)


From 1932 to 1937 he studied singing under the famous tenor Vilhelm herold and he was a pupil of the Royal Opera School in Copenhagen. In 1937 he made his debut in Copenhagen as Silvio in ‘’Pagliacci’’ and at the same time sang also the prologue. After additional education with Holger Byrding (1938-1942) he switched from baritone to tenor end completed his studies in 1943 with Joseph Hislop in Stockholm. In 1944 he made his second debut, now as tenor, at the Royal Opera in Copenhagen as Don José in ‘’Carmen’’. Until 1962 he was a member of this famous Danish opera house, where his repertoire included Radames in ‘’Aida’’, Walther in ‘’Meistersingern’’, Pedro in ‘’Tiefland’’, Lohengrin, Canio in ‘’Pagliacci’’ and Peter Grimes in the opera of the same name by Benjamin Britten. He made guest appearances at the Wiener Staatsoper (1952) and at the Royal Opera in Stockholm (1954). Till 1962 he remained a member of the Royal Opera in Copenhagen.

Chronology of some appearances

1944-1962 Copenhagen Royal Opera
1952 Wiener Staatsoper
1954 Stockholm Royal Opera


Polydor, København 1948-05-24
Tornerose (Heise) Kongesønnens romance HA70024  HDK2590
Renaissance (Lange-Müller) Serenade HA70024 HDK2592

Polydor, København 1951-06-16
Jâ va lidijn horra (Mortensen) X51503 HDK2996
Hun mig har glemt (Mortensen) X51504 HDK2997
Til våren (Mortensen) X51504 HDK2998
Midt uda i salten Østersjø (Andersen) X51503 HDK2999

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