Forgotten Opera Singers

Forgotten Opera Singers

Feb 27, 2016

Josefine von Artner (Soprano) (10. November 1869 in Prag – 7. September 1932 in Leipzig)

Her real name was Josefine von Artanyi. She was a daughter of a colonel of the Austrian-Hungarian army and the singer Marie von Artner-Grenso. She studied singing under Ludwig Reiss in Vienna and made her debut in 1885 at the Opernhaus in Leipzig. In 1895 she appeared in Berlin as soloist in the premiere of the Symphony No. 2 by Gustav Mahler. Since 1910 she taught singing in Dresden, later in Leipzig. Also her sister Gabriele von Artner (1871-1935) was active as an opera singer.

Chronology of some appearances

1885-1890 Leipzig Opernhaus
1888 Leipzig Opernhaus Die drei Pintos (Weber) (Premiere)
1890-1893 Wien Hofoper
1892 Wien Hofoper Ritter Pazmán (Johann Strauss) (Premiere)
1893-1908 Hamburg Stadttheater
1889 Vienna Hofoper
1896-1906 Bayreuth festival
1897 Dresden Hofoper
1898 London Covent Garden Fidelio (Marzelline)
1899 Amsterdam Opera Rheingold (Woglinde) (Premiere)
1901 Berlin Hofoper
1904 Hamburg Stadttheater Der Kobold (Siegfried Wagner) (Premiere)


G&T, Bayreuth 1904
Rheingold (Wagner): Wallala!... Schäme dich, Albe with Knüpfer-Egli & Metzger 44406 Bay1113e

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