Forgotten Opera Singers

Forgotten Opera Singers

Nov 23, 2014

Gabriel Olaizola (Bass) (Hernani, Spain 1891 - Hernani, Spain 1973)

His full name was Gabriel Olaizola Gabarain. He began his musical studies with the organist of Hernani, Manuel Cendoya. In 1916 he joined to the Donostia choral society and later moved to Barcelona to be perfected under Joaquín Vehils. Sang during his career at the Teatro Bellas Artes de Donostia-San Sebastián, Campos Elíseos in Bilbao, Teatro Real in Madrid, Liceo in Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca, Oviedo, Zaragoza, Valladolid, Teatro San Carlos in Lisboa, Scala in Milán, San Carlo in Naples, Regio in Parma, Palermo, Venice, Paris, Montecarlo, Marseille, etc. Appeared under the batons of Mancinelli, Toscanini, Santini and Capuano. In 1919 at the Teatro de Bellas Artes in Donostia-San Sebastian he sang in ‘’Txanton Piperri’' of  Zapirain, ‘’Mendi-Mendiyan’’ by Usandizaga and ‘’Amaya’’ of Guridi. Also he took part in the premiere of ‘’Marianella’’ written by Jaime Pahissa. In 1937 he found by the request of José Antonio Aguirre, Eresoinka, the National Basque choir. In 1949 he founded in Hernani la Schola Cantorum.

Chronology of some appearances

1919 Lisboa San Carlos Tristan und Isolde
1923 Barcelona Liceo Marianela
1923 Napoli Teatro San Carlo Tristan und Isolde
1926 Naples San Carlo Aida


Gramophone, Barcelona 1928
Miserere (Eslava): Ecce enim with chorus 0262049 CJ 1341
Miserere (Eslava): Liberame with Pedro Checson and chorus 262050 CJ 1342

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