Forgotten Opera Singers

Forgotten Opera Singers

Jan 26, 2014

Marie Rappold (Soprano) (London 1879 - Los Angeles 1957)

                                                        with Jacques Urlus

Her real name was  Marie Winterroth. At the age of five she already appeared in London in child roles, later her parents emigrated to America. She studied singing in New York under Oscar Saenger. She made her debut in 1905 at the Metropolitan Opera in  New York as Sulamith in K. Goldmark’s "Königin von Saba". She remained till 1909 at the Metropolitan Opera. In 1909 she was engaged by the Opera House of Bucharest and guested afterwards in German opera houses. Her first husband was the American doctor Julius Rappold from whom she separated in 1906; then in 1913 she married the German tenor Rudolf Berger (1874-1915), who died two years later. She was engaged in 1910 again by the Metropolitan Opera in New York to which she belonged till 1920. At the Metropolitan Opera she appeared in ‘’Trovatore’’, ‘’Otello’’, ‘’Aida’’, ‘’Lohengrin’’, "Rheingold". She appeared there in the premières of the operas "Iphigenie auf Tauris" of Gluck (1916)  and "Der Widerspenstigen Zähmung" of H. Goetz (1916) . During the 1920’s she undertook tours as a member of the San Carlo Opera Company through North America and made guest appearance in 1923 at the Opera House of Havana. In 1925 she performed in ‘’Aida’’ at Yankee stadium in New York. In the 1927-28 season she belonged to the Chicago Opera. In 1929 she undertook a concert tour through Europe appearing in  Germany and Holland. Later she worked as pedagogue in Los Angeles.

Chronology of some appearances

Sulamith 1/2/1906, Stimme des Waldvogels 1/24/1907, Micaëla 1/29/1907, Elena 11/26/1907, Micaëla 1/12/1909, Leonora 1/28/1909, Euridice 12/27/1910, Venus 11/19/1912, Aida 12/15/1914, Leonora 11/23/1915, Elsa von Brabant 12/7/1915, Pamina 1/11/1916, Aida 6/6/1916, Elsa von Brabant 12/5/1916, Leonora 12/12/1916, Aida 11/30/1921, 11/20/1922, Leonora 12/2/1922, 11/3/1923, La gioconda 11/17/1924, Aida 2/12/1925, Leonora 2/26/1925 (Filadelfia)


Edison 2-min cylinders, New York 1906?
Ave Maria (Gounod) B21

Edison 4-min cylinders, New York 1910?
Trovatore (Verdi): Vanne, lasciami 30033
Lohengrin (Wagner): Elsas Traum 30036 BA 28187
Aida (Verdi): O cieli azzurri 30039
Freischutz (Weber): Wie nahte mir der Schlummer 30047 BA 28117

Edison 4-min cylinders, New York 1911/1912
Agnus Dei (Bizet) 28008 BA 28171
Contes d'Hoffmann (Offenbach): Barcarole with Chalmers 28024 BA 28101
Robin Hood (de Koven): O promise me 28029 BA 28165
Serenade (Gounod) BA 28175

Edison, New York 1915-01? (late 1914?)
Stabat Mater (Rossini): Inflammatus wih chorus 82101 BA 28212

Edison, New York 1915-04/05
Tosca (Puccini): Vissi d'arte  82107 3801-C

Edison, New York 1915-12?
Whispering hope (Hawthorne) with Miller 82543 BA 28233

Edison, New York 1916
Martha (Flotow): The last rose of summer 83076

Edison, New York 1916-02?
O, divine Redeemer (Gounod) 83076 PA 29048

Edison, New York 1916-03?
Attila (Verdi): Praise Ye with Carl Jorn and Arthur Middleton 83046 BA 28238

Edison, New York 1916-04-25
Wenn die Schwalben heimwarts zieh'n (Abt) with Jacques Urlus BA 28242 4687

Edison, New York 1916-08?
Stille Nacht (Gruber) 83063 BA 28249
Manon Lescaut (Puccini): In quelle trine morbide 82259 4953-B

Edison, New York 1916-09
Trovatore (Verdi): Miserere with Giovanni Zenatello and chorus 82288 5007-A
Aida (Verdi): O terra addio with Giovanni Zenatello and chorus 83066 5014-A
Aida (Verdi): La fatal pietra with Giovanni Zenatello 83035 5017-C
Aida (Verdi): Pur ti riveggo with Giovanni Zenatello 82571 5023-C 
Aida (Verdi): Fuggiam gli ardori with Giovanni Zenatello 82201 5025-A

Edison, New York 1916-12-20
Lucia di Lammermoor (Donizetti): Chi mi frena with Giovanni Zenatello, Marguerite Matzenauer, Arthur Middleton, Thomas Chalmers and Enrico Baroni 82266 5224-A

Edison, New York 1918-07/08
Trovatore (Verdi): Mira d'acerbe lagrime with Taurino Parvis PA 29015 82573

Edison, New York 1918-09
Smiles (Roberts) 82150 PA 29020

Edison, New York 1921
Reine de Saba (Gounod): Plus grand dans son obscurité 82285 8186


  1. I have 237 records primarily from the period, including one for Marie Rappold. Any interest, or know anyone, interested in buying the set?

  2. My sister has an Edison or two. I know one of them is Ave Maria.