Forgotten Opera Singers

Forgotten Opera Singers

Dec 26, 2013

Hans Tänzler (Tenor) (Berlin 1879 - Berlin 1953)



First he worked in the business of his father, a Berlin vintner. Then he received his education in the sphere of the catering trade in Paris and London and started architectural education, but after discovering that he had a voice, studied singing under the pedagogues Teresa Emrich, Jacques Stückgold and H. Schmidt in Berlin. He made his debut in 1902 at the Opera House of Cologne in Flotow’s ‘’'Martha’’. In the 1903-05 seasons he appeared at the Municipal Theatre of Gdansk. In the 1905-06 season sang in Elberfeld, from 1906-07 in Graz. From 1907-14 Tänzler performed at the Court Theatre of Karlsruhe. In 1914 he was engaged by the Court Theatre of Brunswick, where he appeared till 1918. As a guest he also performed at the Dresden Court Opera (1903), Municipal Theatre of Hamburg (1905), in the 1907-08 season in Frankfurt a. M., in 1910 at the German Theatre of Prague, in 1911 at the Court Theatre of Wiesbaden, in 1914 at the Berlin Court Opera. From 1907-09 he guested at the Court Opera of Munich, in 1906, 1908 and 1912 at the Vienna Court Opera. Tänzler also appeared in Paris, Budapest, Warsaw, Spain and Russia. In 1912 he sang at the Grand Opéra in Paris in ‘’Tristan und Isolde’’. During the 1920’s he went to North America and sat down in Los Angeles as a pedagogue. From 1927-29 he lived in Berlin and appeared still as a guest at Berlin State Opera among other things as Tristan and in ‘’Evangelimann’’ of W. Kienzl (1927). From 1929-31 he taken part in the America tour as a member of the German Opera Company and had a great success in R. Wagner’s operas. He remained first in Los Angeles, then in San Diego (California) as a pedagogue. Later he exerted himself in Los Angeles for the construction of an opera house, for what he himself had sketched the architect's plans when this project was shattered. Tänzler made a few records for Odeon and Pathe (1909/1910).

Chronology of some appearances

1902 Cologne Opera House
1903 Dresden Court Opera
1903-1905 Gdansk Municipal Theatre
1905 Hamburg Municipal Theatre
1905-1906 Elberfeld Opera House
1906 Vienna Court Opera
1906-1907 Graz Opera House
1907-1908 Frankfurt a. M. Opera House
1908 Vienna Court Opera
1907-1909 Munich Court Opera
1910 Prague German Theatre
1911 Wiesbaden Court Theatre
1912 Vienna Court Opera
1912 Paris Grand Opéra
1914 Berlin Court Opera
1907-1914 Karlsruhe Court Theatre
1914-1918 Brunswick Court Theatre


Odeon, Berlin 1909-09?
Samson et Dalila (Saint-Saëns): Haltet ein, meine Brüder! X99349 xB4644 
Samson et Dalila (Saint-Saëns): Sieh' mein Elend, Herr! X99350 xB4645
Rienzi (Wagner): Allmächt'ger Vater 99353 xB4648
Fidelio (Beethoven): In des Lebens Frühlingstagen X51044
Meistersinger von Nürnberg (Wagner): Fanget an! X51045

Pathé, Berlin 1910-02?
Aida (Verdi): Leb' wohl, o Erde with Denera 15631
Carmen (Bizet): Ich seh' die Mutter dort with Denera 15634

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