Forgotten Opera Singers

Forgotten Opera Singers

Sep 9, 2013

Andrey Labinsky (Tenor) (Kharkov 1871 – Moscow 1941)



He studied singing at the St. Petersburg Conservatoire (1895-1899) under Gabel and Samus and made his debut in 1899 at the Mariinsky Theatre as Berendey in ''The Snow Maiden'' of N. Rimsky-Korsakov.

Chronology of some appearances

1899-1912 St. Petersburg Mariinsky Theatre
1919-1924 St. Petersburg Mariinsky Theatre


G&T 1901
In my blood the fire of desire burns, Romance (Glinka) 22331 2612G
Dubrovsky (Napravnik): O give me oblivion (Napravnik) 22332 2642G
North Star G&T 22430 2998G

G&T  St. Petersburg 1905
Rigoletto (Verdi): Questa o quella 2-22802 442x

Gramophone 1905
Poet (Krotkov): Aria of Luiidy  2-22745 2821L
Eugene Onegin (Tchaikovsky): Whither, whither 2-22760 2958L       
Les Huguenots (Meyerbeer): Raoul’s Aria 2-22775 2975L
Demon (Rubinstein): Prince Sinodal's aria 2-22776 2976L

Gramophone 06-1906
Rusalka (Dargomyzhsky): Unwillingly to these sad shores 2-22926 1118r
Rusalka (Dargomyzhsky): Everything here reminds me 2-22927 1119r
Ivan Susanin (Glinka): Brothers in the snowstrom 2-22929 1121r       
Dubrovsky (Napravnik): O give me oblivion 2-22930 1122r

Gramophone 1906
Faust (Gounod): Salut demeure 3-22534 4936L
Serenade (Night descended on the earth) 3-22556 4994L
Askold's tomb (Verstovsky): Near the town of Slavyansk 3-22557 49011/2L

Gramophone  St. Petersburg 1908
A Life for the Tzar (Glinka): The rose which blooms with M. Mikhailova, G. Nikitina and L. Sibiryakov  2-24157 7839L
Prince Igor (Borodin): Vladimir's cavatina 3-22830 7794L     
Snow Maiden (Rimsky-Korsakov): So full of wonders 3-22855 7795L   
Eugene Onegin (Tchaikovsky): I love you Olga 3-22856  7797L
Halka (Moniuszko): The wind wails in the hills 3-22862 7796L          
Sadko (Rimsky-Korsakov): Song of India 3-22863 7798L

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