Forgotten Opera Singers

Forgotten Opera Singers

Aug 21, 2013

Alois Pennarini (tenor) (Vienna 1870 - Liberec, Czechoslovakia 1927)

His real name was Aloys Federler. He studied singing under Joseph Gänsbacher and Johannes Ress in Vienna. Pennarini made his debut in 1893 at the municipal theatre of Bratislava as Turiddu in ‘’Cavalleria rusticana’’. Then in the 1895-96 season he sang at the municipal theatre of Olmütz (Olomouc), from 1896-97 at the municipal theatre of Elberfeld, from 1898-1900 he was engaged by the municipal theatre of Graz, where he appeared in Wagner’s operas. Since 1900 he was a principal tenor of the municipal theatre of Hamburg, where he appeared till 1913 with great success. He appeared in Hamburg in the premiere of Siegfried Wagner’s operas "Der Kobold" (29. 1. 1904) and "Bruder Lustig" (13. 10. 1905). Pennarini aslo sang there in the premiere of the opera ‘’Tragaldabas’’ of Eugene d'Albert (3. 12. 1907) and in the german premières of the operas "Le Jongleur de Notre Dame" of Massenet (1902 as Jean) and ‘’Adriana Lecouvreur’’ of F. Cilea  (1902 as Maurizio). He guested in 1900 and 1903 at the Vienna Court Opera, since 1900 till 1912 he performed at the Berlin Court Opera. Since 1900 he often appeared aslo at the court opera of Munich like at the court theatre of Stuttgart. In 1908 he guested at the Dresden court opera. In 1904 he sang with the Savage Opera Company in North America. He made guest performances at the Covent Garden in London, in Amsterdam and Hague. From 1913 to 1920 he was a manager of the Nuremberg municipal theatre, where he still appeared as a singer. In 1920 he became a manager of the municipal theatre of Reichenberg. He was married to the soprano Ella Appelt. Pennarini appeared also in several movies.

Chronology of some appearances

1893 Bratislava municipal theatre Cavalleria rusticana (Turiddu)
1902 Hamburg municipal theatre Le Jongleur de Notre Dame (Jean)
1902 Hamburg municipal theatre Adriana Lecouvreur (Maurizio)


Odeon, Berlin 1906-07 (late)
Pagliacci (Leoncavallo): Jetzt spielen 50119

Odeon, Berlin 1906-11?
Meistersinger von Nurnberg (Wagner): Preisleid 50177 xB1759
Lohengrin (Wagner): Atmest du nicht 50208 xB1789

Odeon, Berlin 1907-05
Evangelimann (Kienzl): Selig sind, die Verfolgung leiden 50318 xB2643