Forgotten Opera Singers

Forgotten Opera Singers

Jul 31, 2013

Romeo Boscacci (Tenor) (Rome 1875 - Milan 1945)

Probably he made his debut in 1905 as comprimario at the Teatro Costanzi, Roma in Mascagni’s ‘’Guglielmo Ratcliff’’. In Italy he always performed as comprimario and only in the early 1920s, when he was a mamber of the San Carlo Opera Company, started to sing in USA principal roles appearing in ‘’Otello’’, ‘’Martha’’, ‘’Madama Butterfly’’, ‘’Faust’’ etc. Approximately in 1938, after his retirement, he returned again to Italy and followed his original occupation as a jeweller and watchmaker.

Chronology of some appearances

1922 Philadephia Faust Richard Bonelli, Pietro de Biasi, Sofia Charlebois, Anita Klinova and Luigi de Cesare
1922 Philadephia Martha with Josephine Lucchese, Anita Klinova, Richard Bonelli and Natale Cervi 
1923 Los Angeles Madama Butterfly with Tamaki Miura, Richard Bonelli and Anita Klinova 


Gramophone 10-12-23

Norma (Bellini):  Deh! Non volerli vittime with Ezio Pinza and Tina Poli-Randaccio Disco DB-729 2-054139

Columbia, Milano 1926/28
Falstaff: So che se andiam Pt. 1 with Mariano Stabile and Aristide Baracchi  D12621, WB2874
Falstaff: So che se andiam Pt 2 with Mariano Stabile and Aristide Baracchi D12621 WB 2875

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