Forgotten Opera Singers

Forgotten Opera Singers

Mar 24, 2013

Augusto Beuf (Baritone) (Palermo 1887 - Verona 1969)

As a boy he took part in an opera tour of a troupe and performed in operas ‘’Il Barbiere di Siviglia’’ and ‘’Don Pasquale’’. Then he studied violoncello in the Liceo musicale of Palermo and became a cellist in the orchestra of the Teatro Massimo, Palermo. He began his career without real song study. He travelled around with an Italian operetta troupe, the Compagnia Lombardo, Egypt. In Cairo impresario Castellani obliged him for a Greece tour and Balkan tour of his opera society. He made his opera debut in 1908 at the Teatro Comunale of Modica in ‘’Rigoletto’’. In 1913 he guested at the Teatro Biondo, Palermo as Alfio in ‘’Cavalleria rusticana’’, in 1914 in Corfu as a Germont in ‘’La Traviata’’. During the First World War he served as a soldier in the Italian army. In the 1917-18 season he studied under the famous Antonio Cotogni in Rome whose last pupil he was. Then in 1918 he appeared again on the stage, namely at the Teatro Carcano in Milan. He had his first big success soon afterwards in 1920 at the Teatro Costanzi in Rome where he completed his education with Alfredo Martini. He sang at the Teatro Costanzi in 1920 as Alfio in ‘’Cavalleri rusticana’’ and on 2. 5. 1921 the role of Capitano in the premiere of Mascagni’s opera ‘’Il piccolo Marat’’. During the 1920’s he made guest appearances at La Scala, Milan. In addition he sang a lot in South America, thus in 1927 at the Teatro Colցn, Buenos Aires in ‘’Tosca’’ and ‘’Lucia di Lammermoor’’. In the 1931-34 seasons he was a member of the Chicago Opera. Since 1934 he also took over bass parts and Wagner's roles; thus he appeared at La Scala as Hans Sachs. In 1935 he guested in Florence in the premiere of the opera ‘’L'Orseolo’’ of  Pizzetti, in 1939 he appeared at La Scala in the premiere of  E. Wolf Ferrari’s  ‘’La Dama Boba’’, likewise in 1939 at the opera house of Rome in ‘’Monte Ivnor’’ of Lodovico Rocca. From 1938-48 he undertook concert tours all over the world, often together with the Toti dal Monte with whom he appeared in Paris and Brussels, in Germany and in Switzerland. During the Second World War he guested in Berlin. In 1946 he appeared only on the English television. In 1953 he sang at La Scala in the premiere of Pizzetti’s opera ‘’ Cagliostro’’.

Chronology of some appearances

1910 Siracusa Teatro Comunale Pagliacci (Silvio)
1917 Roma Teatro Valle Cavalleria Rusticana (Alfio)
1920 Palermo Teatro Massimo Cavalleria Rusticana (Alfio)
1923 Firenze Teatro Verdi  Falstaff (Ford)
1927 Rio de Janeiro Teatro Municipal Tosca (Scarpia)
1930 Catania Teatro Bellini  Lucia Di Lammermoor (Enrico)
1933 Alessandria Teatro Municipale Otello (Jago)
1936 Milano Teatro La Scala Orseolo di I.Pizzetti (Alvise)
1941Asti  Teatro Alfieri Don Pasquale (Don Pasquale)
1945 Barcellona Teatro Liceo Aida (Ramfis)
1950 Parma Teatro Regio Don Giovanni (Leporello)


Columbia, Milano 1926? (ac)
Aida (Verdi): Rivedrai le foreste, pt 1 with Bianca Scacciati D12475 B820
Don Carlo (Verdi): Per me giunto e il di  supremo D 12263  833   
Guillaume Tell (Rossini): Resta immobile D12263 B832

HMV, Milano 1941
Simon Boccanegra (Verdi): Il lacerato spirito  DB5400 BA4372-2 
Don Giovanni (Mozart): La ci darem la mano with Toti dal Monte  DA 5406 BA 4376    
Don Carlo (Verdi): Ella giammai m'amo   DB 5399 2ba4389 
Don Carlo (Verdi): Dormirò sol   DB 5399 2ba4390
Nozze di Figaro (Mozart): Crudeli! Perche finora with Toti Dal Monte  DA 5406 OBA 4391       

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