Forgotten Opera Singers

Forgotten Opera Singers

May 20, 2012

Celestino Sarobe (Baritone) (Orio, Guipuzcoa / province, Spain 1892 - Barcelona, Spain 1952)

His real name was Celestino Aguirre Sarobe Zadarain. He studied at first medicine, then, however, started to study singing and performed in concerts. The famous baritone Mattia Battistini heard him and invited him to Rome where he gave lessons to him. Sarobe made his debut in 1918 at the Teatro Liceo of Barcelona in ‘’Favorita’’ of Donizetti. In 1919 Spanish soprano Maria Llacer engaged him in her opera troop with which he undertook an Italy tour. In 1925 he sang at the Teatro Regio in Turin the role of Fanuele in ‘’Nerone’’ of Boito under the direction of Toscanini. After his retirement from stage he taught singing.

Chronology of some appearances

1918 Barcelona  Teatro Liceo Favorita (Alfonso)
1919 Valencia  Teatro Apollo Barbiere di Siviglia (Figaro)
1919 Valencia  Teatro Apollo Tannhauser (Wolfram)
1919 Milano Teatro Lirico Favorita (Alfonso)
1920 Genova  Politeama Genovese Gioconda (Barnaba)
1920 Lisbon  Teatro San Carlo Puritani (Riccardo)
1920 Lisbon  Teatro San Carlo Tosca (Scarpia)
1920 Lisbon  Teatro San Carlo Traviata (Germont)
1920 Genova  Politeama Genovese Ernani (Don Carlo)
1920 Genova  Politeama Genovese Tosca (Scarpia)
1920 Genova  Politeama Genovese Traviata (Germont)
1921 Bologna Teatro Comunale Loreley (Hermann)
1921 Firenze Teatro Della Pergola Tosca (Scarpia)
1921 Firenze Teatro Della Pergola Traviata (Germont)
1921 Milano Teatro Carcano Tosca (Scarpia)
1921 Milano Teatro Carcano Traviata (Germont)
1922 San Sebastian Teatro Victoria Eugenia Favorita (Alfonso)
1922 San Sebastian Teatro Victoria Eugenia Traviata (Germont)
1922 Barcelona  Teatro Liceo Favorita (Alfonso)
1922 Barcelona Teatro Liceo Pagliacci (Tonio)
1922 Torino Teatro Regio Puritani (Riccardo)
1922 Napoli Teatro San Carlo Favorita (Alfonso)
1922 Napoli Teatro San Carlo Tosca (Scarpia)
1922 Napoli Teatro San Carlo Traviata (Germont)
1922 San Sebastian Teatro Victoria Eugenia Tosca (Scarpia)
1923 Valencia Teatro Principal Favorita (Alfonso)
1923 Napoli  Teatro Mercadante Rigoletto (Rigoletto)
1924 Madrid Teatro Reale Favorita (Alfonso)
1924 Madrid  Teatro Reale Otello (Jago)
1924 Madrid  Teatro Reale Rigoletto (Rigoletto)
1924 Madrid  Teatro Reale Tosca (Scarpia)
1924 Madrid  Teatro Reale Traviata (Germont)
1924 Trieste Teatro Verdi Tosca (Scarpia)
1925 Torino Teatro Regio Favorita (Alfonso)
1925 Torino Teatro Regio Rigoletto (Rigoletto)
1925 Ginevra Grand Theatre Rigoletto (Rigoletto)
1925 Ginevra Grand Theatre Tosca (Scarpia)
1925 Venezia Teatro La Fenice Tannhauser (Wolfram)
1926 Venezia Teatro La Fenice Tosca (Scarpia)
1926 Il Cairo  Kursaal Dalbagni Barbiere di Siviglia (Figaro)
1926 Il Cairo  Kursaal Dalbagni Tosca (Scarpia)
1926 Valencia Teatro Principal Favorita (Alfonso)
1926 Il Cairo Kursaal Dalbagni Favorita (Alfonso)
1926 Palma di Majorca  Teatro Principal Favorita (Alfonso)
1926 Padova Teatro Verdi Tannhauser (Wolfram)
1927 Cannes Opera Tosca (Scarpia)
1935 Madrid  Teatro Calderon Rigoletto (Rigoletto)
1935 Madrid  Teatro Reale Tosca (Scarpia)


Otello (Verdi): Credo J22209  785Bi I
Pagliacci (Leoncavallo): Prologo J22208  786Bi I
Traviata (Verdi): Di Provenza J22210  787Bi I
Africaine (Meyerbeer): Figlia di Regi  bJ22211
La Paloma (Yradier)  62676 438 BT

Ideale (Tosti)  30023B
Ave Maria (Tosti) 30023A

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