Forgotten Opera Singers

Forgotten Opera Singers

Oct 31, 2011

Carlo Cartica (Tenor) (Rome 1865 - ?)

                                                   as Raoul in ‘’Gli Ugonotti’’

In 1894 he already appeared at La Scala where he sang as Duke in ‘’Rigoletto’’ and as Edgardo in ‘’Lucia di of Lammermoor’’ together with Nellie Melba. In the 1903-04 season he sang at the Teatro Regio in Parma very successfully as Alvaro in Verdi’s ’’La forza del destino’' and as Raoul in ‘’Gli Ugonotti’’. From 1909 to 1910 he was in North America where he belonged to the ensemble of the opera of Boston; there he had as Manrico in ‘’Il Trovatore’’ together with Guerrina Fabbri important success, also as Radames in ‘’Aida’’ and as Edgardo in ‘’Lucia di of Lammermoor’’. In 1911 he undertook an America tour with the Lombardi Opera Company with which he appeared as Manrico at the Teatro National in Washington. He sang the role of Manrico also in 1916 at the Teatro Costanzi in Rome.

Chronology of some appearances

1894 Milan La Scala Rigoletto (Duke)
1904 Parma Teatro Regio Gli Ugonotti (Raoul)
1911 Washington Teatro National Aida (Radames)
1916 Rome Teatro Costanzi Trovatore (Manrico)



Columbia, New York 1911-04-01
Lucia di Lammermoor (Donizetti):  Sestetto with Luisa Villani and Cesare Alessandroni D 16326 30709

Columbia, New York 1911-08
Forza del destino (Verdi): Solenne in quest'ora with Cesare Alessandroni  A 5343 30809
Trovatore (Verdi): Miserere with Luisa Villani D16326 30812
Aida (Verdi): O terra addio with Luisa Villani Columbia A 5331 30814
Martha (Flotow): Solo profugo with Cesare Alessandroni A5343 30817

Columbia, New York
Lombardi (Verdi): Qual voluttà with Alessandroni & Kaestner A5446
Guillaume Tell (Rossini): Troncar i suoi di with Alessandroni and  Bauer  A5465 36503

Phono-Cut, USA 1918??
Rigoletto (Verdi): Questa o quella 638
Tosca (Puccini): E lucevan le stelle 711


  1. MOLTO BELLO!!! Thank you my Friend for sharing this Valuable Biographical information.

  2. Amy great grandmother Conchetta (Marie) Belle was of Sicilian orgin and when she was young she was well known in the Lyric Theatre as an excellent soprano. For many sessons she sang with the Opera Company together with the popular Tenor Carlo Cartica, under the direction of the Orchastra Leader Rudolph Fornari, famous names of the years 1920-1930

    Marie Belle's Cavallo di Battaglia" was the best in Verdi's Opera "Aida".

  3. His birth date in Grosses Sängerlexikon is given as "1868?" not 1965.

    1. Hello. Thanks a lot, it was my mistake.
      All the best